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good cheap eats near san francisco giants and downtown

Hi all will be traveling in San Francisco namely near the San Francisco Giants and downtown area. Looking for good cheap eats in ten mile radius from downtown and baseball stadium. Won't be driving so whatever you can recommend that's good to eat in San Francisco and won't cost an arm and a leg Id appreciate it

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  1. Just FYI, a ten-mile radius includes the entire city of San Francisco (which is famously only 7x7).

    Could you be more specific? What kind of food(s) do you prefer? What kind of setting (table service, counter service, etc.). Lunch? Dinner? Both? What day(s) of the week? What do you consider "cheap eats"? And are you coming from NYC or somewhere else?

    1. 5 blocks from ATT is Los Compadres Taco Truck at Spear St. and Folsom.

      1. if you are actually attending a ball game, the tacqueria adjacent to the entrance to the park (accessible from either outside or inside the entrance) has food as good or better than the vendors around the stands and mezzanines and walkways.

        there are plenty of good eats within a mile of the park, but it depends what you consider your 'arm and a leg' limit.

        1. we like HRD coffee shop, couple blocks away. korean fusion might be a good way to describe it...breakfast or lunch only

          1. The Ferry Building is a lovely walk down the Embarcadero from AT&T Park and if you order carefully you can get some quality items without any loss of limbs. It is a great place to graze.

            1. Java House at Pier 40 or Red's Java House at Pier 30. Red's is a pit further away from the park but I prefer it...and so does Anthony Bourdain.

              1. If it is a day game Little Skillet on Rich St.

                1. Cheap eats near the Park, Delancey Street. About 2 miles south of the park are a couple of inexpensive southern food places; Hard Knox and Auntie Aprils.

                  1. Within a block & 1/2 of the Park is Primo Patio Cafe, serving up decent Caribbean food, good smoothies, and cheep Red Stripe beer by the bottle in a nice outdoor setting.


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                      Forgot about that place. Also next door is Victor's a Mexican place that has been there for quite a long time...at least 20+ years. I met Dusty Baker in line there after ATT opened. Dusty's said something like, "This place is making bank, there's always a super long line."