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Honeymoon in Newport

My fiance and I are getting married in Boston the weekend of October 12th and we are planning on doing a mini-honeymoon (mini-moon!) to Newport, RI for a few days after the wedding.

Neither of us have been before but we are big foodies and are looking forward to relaxing, delicious visit. We've done a little research but are open to suggestions. So far I've checked out Tallulah on Thames, the Mooring, and the Spiced Pear and they all seem delicious. Here is what we need recs for:

*Low-key dinner Sunday night--we'll be driving in from Boston and likely exhausted.

*Dinners Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday---it's ok if 1 or 2 of them are high end. We'll likely do Tallulah on Weds since it's the only day it is open when we are there.

*Lunches--Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday--we prefer something laid back and casual for this.

*Recommendation for best lobster roll in town--I'm a New England girl and very picky about my lobster rolls. I like them simple, with FRESH lobster meat.

We love seafood and since we live in Michigan we are hoping to get as much fresh New England seafood as we can. We are hoping to find foods that are specific to RI/Newport. We also like farm-to-table, Italian, French, Mediterranean, and Asian.

We are not 100% sure where we are staying yet but it will likely be Castle Hill Inn or the Attwater.

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. You guys should definitely hit Thames Street Kitchen! Their summer hours are Tues to Sun nights from 530. Make sure you call ahead for a reservation as the restaurant is rather small and it does get rather busy in the summer. Food is local farm to table, it's not a huge menu but we have not had a bad meal here. It's BYO so it helps keep your check down!
    Pasta Beach on Memorial Blvd is a great place for a casual lunch, pastas are all cooked a la minute so they are al dente.
    On Wed there is a great Farmers Market on Memorial Blvd where Talluah's has a taco truck set up, so too a pizza truck...
    Enjoy your stay here in Newport!

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      This is great! Thank you. Is Thames Street Kitchen still open in the fall? We won't be there until October.

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        TSK is open in the fall check their website for Fall hours.

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        I agree with this thread totally. TSK, Pasta Beach, even Bouchards is good. Spiced Pear, Fluke, Clark Cooke House. Tallulah is over priced for a few leaves of vegetables.

      3. Bouchard's is great for a high-end meal. We were underwhelmed by the Spiced Pear - although it was a few years ago - and even the White Horse Tavern disappointed us the last couple of times. 22 Bowen's never disappoints, if you're in the mood for steak.

        For low-key Mexican in a cool, funky old space, try Perro Salado. Great food and cocktails.

        1. I like Tallulah, but LOVE Jake Rojas' tacos at his shack in Dutch Harbor (Jamestown). Fresh lobster and other seafood, locally sourced poultry, meat, and produce - combined with a pretty and unusual setting. I would highly recommend this for a casual, off the beaten path lunch option:


          Also love the Perro Salado recommendation for a casual dinner. You might also enjoy Salvation Cafe. TSK is really great, as well. If you have a car, I would suggest a drive to Bristol for a meal at Persimmon, as well.

          1. For high end Bouchards, White Horse Tavern, and CastleHill. Great Italian Mama Luisa, great Seafood Scales & Shells. Lunch Zelda's, Black Pearl.
            Congrats on your wedding and enjoy!!

            1. We were able to get a reservation at Tallulah for the Wednesday night we'll be there (last night).

              On Monday night we want to do a great seafood restaurant--we are thinking Scales and Shells, Clarke Cooke House or The Mooring. Do you think those are the right choices? Are reservations necessary?

              Also for lunch--where can we find the best lobster roll in town? Thanks!

              1. Try Clarke Cooke House. It has a few different levels and rooms, some very quiet and romantic.Spiced pair isn't what it was at one time and from what we hear it's still crazy pricey. Bouchard is also a very nice romantic room and great food. Enjoy and congratulations in advance! oh yes,,where are you planning on staying?

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                  We are staying at the Attwater. We can't wait!

                2. I heard there is a new oyster bar that opened up in Newport. No reviews yet but might be worth checking out. It is across the street from The Red Parrot.

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                    Inside the Newport Bay Club Hotel??

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                      Not sure, I have not been yet. Friends of mine went and they said it was across from The Red Parrot. I know they were working on the building that is right there.

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                        Just googled it, Midtown Oyster Bar, 345 Thames Street, Newport. They have a website. Menu looks good!!!!

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                          IMHO, Midtown Oyster is so so. I know some people who had a bad experience there.

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                            Can you elborate? Hoping to go this weekend?

                            1. re: melpy

                              Sorry, I won't go into details about their experience.

                              1. re: jcanino

                                The restaurant I was referring to is in Newport, RI. Are they the same owner?

                                1. re: Alica

                                  Yes. They have been open for a while so things may have changed.

                    2. Your stating at the Inn at Castle hill is great. Many nice restaurants in Newport to include
                      Classical French Romantic--Bouchards
                      Fun simple food -- TSK, Fluke, Clarke Cook House
                      Quickie Lunch-- Pasta Beach
                      Tallulah-- over priced for a few leaves on a plate, cramped like Sardines.
                      Fun Food Lunch-- Brick Alley Pub.

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                        Actually we are now staying at the Attwater (http://www.theattwater.com/).

                        For a Monday or Tuesday do you think we would have to make reservations at Clarke Cook House?

                        1. re: Elyssa

                          If its the Colombus weekend you better for all the places if the weather is nice Newport is jumping. Enjoy and good luck.

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                            Thanks. Good to know. I've made a reservation now for Monday (10-14) at Fluke and Wednesday (10-16) at Tallulah. I'm thinking we might want to do Shells and Scales on Tuesday night.

                            Sunday night (when we drive in) is up in the air. I was thinking since we will pass through Providence we could go to Al Forno (we have both been wanting to try it) but it is closed Sundays and Mondays. :( My guess is we'll be so exhausted from the wedding activities we'll just grab a quick burger, pizza or lobster roll somewhere---any place you would recommend?

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                              Make it over to the inn at castle hill. Sit on the lawn and watch the boats go by. Great spot.

                              1. re: libertywharf

                                Can you have lunch there? Or drinks?

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                                  Yes they serve lunch from 11:30 to 3:00 PM. They also have an outdoor bar you can sit at or take your drinks out on the lawn and view the water. A great spot to enjoy your favorite cocktail. It is rather fancy for lunch so you may prefer something more causal like Zelda's or Black Pearl and return here for dinner.

                              2. re: Elyssa

                                Al Forno is ok. Bacaro is better but for the ambiance and a good lobster roll Google the Boat House in Tiverton RI Just a few miles from Newport like 20 min.

                                1. re: Frank Terranova

                                  Aren't the chefs at Baccaro from Al Forno?

                                  1. re: Alica

                                    The chef for years Brian Kingsford was. He left a long long time ago and opened this place with his partner. Excellent food, gracious service, no attitude like Al Forno plus your not cramped in like a dozen of eggs.

                        2. Low Key Sunday I would head to Perro Salada, I think they have music on Sundays too.

                          In my opinion the only Italian worth your time ni Newport is Mamma Luisa, it's authentic and in a cozy setting...you need reservations and one night a week they are closed.

                          For seafood go to the Mooring or Midtown Oyster bar. Both of them are big places so you don't get the cozy feel, but they are really nice. And I am so surprised to hear negative reviews on Midtown, everything I have had there (3 visits so far) has been excellent, seafood cooked to perfection and a really good assortment on their menu.

                          For laid-back lunch you can try Benjamins which has a half price raw bar during lunch. Sandwiches from Rosemary & Thyme are incredible if you want to take them for a picnic. Lunch/lobster roll at Cooke House would be a nice meal.

                          We just had a great meal and great service at White Horse Tavern...very cozy, colonial atmosphere.

                          And a new place I noticed the other day is Stone Acre Pantry, really cute space on Thames and the one review I heard was "great"

                          And the best lobster roll deal in town is at the Easton's Beach snack bar. Very simple, but a great deal and seats with a view of the beach

                          Oh and you mentioned pizza, take out from pasta beach...best pie in town

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                            The guys at TSK just opened a Burger joint called Mission at 29 West Marlborough St just off Broadway in Newport. They make a mean burger n the best fries! Their homemade hot dogs and sides are great too. Best thing is that they have a liquor license and serve great selection of beers.

                            1. re: Shazz

                              This is great to know about! All I'm going to want after the wedding is a burger and fries---I've been "abstaining" for the past 10 months!

                              1. re: Shazz

                                Just had lunch at Mission yesterday. A great, quick bite and the burger is perfect, juicy and not too big. Go for it!

                            2. A burger sounds great. I am on my way lol.
                              Smart move coming to Newport for your wedding. Its a great food place and a hell of lot safer than the Capitol city

                              1. I am a local foodie connected to the scene from farmers to chefs. Recommendations:
                                Stoneacre Pantry on Lower Thames. Farm to table. Uber creative. Sustainable. Delicious. BYOB.
                                TSK always great. Their onion soup, a usual fall treat, is out of this world.
                                Bouchard's a constant delight. I eagerly await the opening of Albert and Sarah's next venture: revolving door.
                                Shells and Scales, great seafood.
                                If you see Monk Fish on any menu GET IT!
                                Drinks on the lawn at Castle Hill is always a treat. Dinner is good but not as good as Stoneacre or TSK and 5x the cost.
                                Pass on Spiced Pear and Moorings. Both have Sisco truck dropping off most of the food.
                                Congrats and enjoy!
                                The only lobster roll worth eating comes from Anthony's on Acquidneck Ave. It's a shame there is only one place in this town for a decent lobster roll.

                                1. BTW every decent restaurant requires reservations even midweek.