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Aug 6, 2013 07:12 AM

Blue Hill Stone Barns - bar

So I just tried to get a ressy at BHSB, no joy and no surprise. The very nice lady did mention that I could try eating at the bar, though they dont take reservations for that.

A few questions
1 Has anyone eaten at the bar, how was it?
2 I'm after a table for 1, if I get there for 1 - will I likely get a seat?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are numerous threads on this topic if you do a search on this board. I will add links later but I can't on my phone.

    I love eating at the bar there and vastly prefer it to the main dining room.

    Durin peak dining hours it can be quite crowded with people getting pre-dinner drinks. Try a weeknight or go early.

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      Thanks - I searched earlier and couldnt find anything. Just researched and found some comments. Thanks again.

    2. Here are some links to previous discussion of your subject on this board:
      We just dined at the bar last week:
      My suggestions:
      Arrive as close to opening time as possible for best availability.
      Dining at the bar is a fun interactive experience. We ordered the 3 course bar menu which comes with extra amuse and since there were two of us, we were able to sample both choices in each of the three courses. The couples on either side of us had ordered the larger course options so we saw and heard about their offerings as well and had pleasant conversation too. They have some interesting drinks which are fun to observe in the making and bartenders are friendly.
      I highly recommend the experience; my goal is to dine there at least once per season and the bar menu makes that a lot more affordable. The cafe food is also very good for a much simpler daytime option.

      1. Did you ever get your seat (and meal) at the bar?