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Aug 6, 2013 07:05 AM

Indian Food at Home

If I wanted to prepare an Indian meal at home ( but not from scratch ), where would the be the best place in North Austin to get a prepared curry sauce. I know there are several Indian grocery stores around. We like something medium hot. Any suggestions on what to buy or where?

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  1. The name is escaping me momentarily, but the larger than it looks from the outside Indian market next to Swad just a block or so north of the Lamar / Rundberg exit is great. 15 years ago when I made jar-based veggie biryani I'd use Patak's mix. Haven't made curry from anything but my own roasted / ground spices. It's just so good that way.

    If you go, try one of the savory pastries in the container on the front counter. outstanding snack.

    1. I'm not sure if they have what you need, but the people at APNA Bazaar in the the strip center on 183 and spicewood springs are real friendly and helpful.
      This is the strip center with Asia Cafe, Chen's, and formerly Sambet's, etc.

      1. Shefaly at Shef's Kitchen ( does wonderful classes in town and has a great website with recipes.

        1. Go to the cedar park farmer's market at Lakeline Mall. Lady there has great sauces. She also shows up at Mueller on Sundays.

          1. There are lots of jar sauces kind of like jared pasta sauces I have had pretty good luck with Patak brand which a classmates mom uses I loved eating at her house and asked for her recipe and she said " Oh I dont cook sweetheart. I just buy everything at the store" Of course she meant their Indian grocery store.I think it is called KP grocery..