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Aug 6, 2013 06:35 AM

Sea Salt waiting time

I have not been to Sea Salt this year. I have been frustrated in the past by the long lines and long wait times for food. I have family coming to town next week (Friday) and was wondering how things are working there this year. It would be the perfect place for an early lunch if I thought we could get in and out in an hour or so. (The last time I was there, my fish taco took 45 minutes and that was after the half hour in line.)

Please share thoughts or tricks and timing (better to go at 11:30 or 1:30?)

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  1. Although lunch is better than dinner, I think the wait time increases as the week progresses. The only time this year I have been was monday at around 1:30 or so. Just avoid the peak lunch, 11:30-1 and you should be ok. I would say that sandcastle on nokomis is a pretty solid al fresco option however the menu doesn't tilt so seafood heavy.

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      The one time I tried going was about 3pm on a Saturday. The line was 90 people long. My girlfriend was by this past weekend, I'm not sure what time, but the line was still atrocious, so she did not wait.

    2. Try to get there between 11 and 11.30. The line really builds from 11.30 and on, and is usually pretty steady until 1 or so. All depends on the weather, of course.

      1. It's still v-e-r-y slow except for non-peak times.