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Aug 6, 2013 01:11 AM

Takeout bone broth (no noodles, i.e. gluten-free) in Toronto?

Anyone know where I could buy a bowl of bone broth without noodles (trying to stay wheat-free/gluten-free) in Toronto, preferably from a place that does takeout? I thought about going into some ramen shops to ask, but am going to see if anyone at Chowhound has some recommendations first.

Tried making my own on the stovetop, but it takes so much time (& gas). Haven't invested in a crockpot yet.


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  1. Most bones have some cartilage even if well scraped, so I'm wondering if that is a source of gluten.

    A pressure cooker will extract broth from bones in 1-2 hours on a low burner setting. PC stock is a favorite with new owners.

    A good pho place would probably sell a large takeout of soup without noodles, for around $10, or with rice noodles which might work for you.

    A final thought: 3 liters of dashi broth can be made in 10 minutes with bonita flakes, seaweed and a bit of miso paste. Sometimes I'm convinced it has a beefy flavor, and I use it in place of western stock..

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      Thanks for all your suggestions! They all sound worth trying.

      By the way, the gelatin from the cartilage is actually what I want (in addition to the minerals from the bones). Gluten is absent in animal products, but is found in wheat, so that's why I'd like to avoid ramen noodles.

    2. It's not a restaurant, but I always buy containers of organic chicken and beef bone broth/stock from the Healthy Butcher. $7.49/1L

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        I didn't know one could purchase organic bone broth in Toronto - good to know! Thanks also for mentioning the price.

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          Cumbrae's also sells 1L containers of frozen beef & chicken stock.