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Aug 5, 2013 11:38 PM

Dinner, American, Westside, Shorts, Tomorrow Night!

I am traveling and only have shorts to wear. Please give me your best shot for dinner west of downtown LA with friends who might not respond well unless I suggest something 'American.' Bonus points for specific menu item rec(s). My own preference doesn't matter except to say that I am looking for something ueber-delicious, not a compromise in food quality. Asian or Mexican downscale is my first choice... but I don't think I'll get that.

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    1. Plan Check (Sawtelle near Santa Monica Blvd in West L.A.) for the pastrami Nosh, one of the burgers or the fried chicken. Animal (Fairfax near Melrose in mid-City) or Son of a Gun (3rd near La Cienega) for just about anything,

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        + 1 Plan Check
        Or The Golden State on Fairfax

        1. You could head to the Original Farmer's Market which is super-casual and the many stands/restaurants will have something for everyone in your group. You could satisfy your Asian/Mexican craving at Banana Leaf or Loteria Grill. Your friends could get Short Order (note this is a sit-down spot), Bryan's Pit BBQ, or Fritzi Dog.

          1. Westside Tavern - lamb sandwich
            Hungry Cat, Santa Monica - any fish dish
            Blue Plate Oysterette - Ipswich clams, lobster Mac & cheese
            Freddy Smalls - steak sandwich, Reuben gluttony