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Aug 5, 2013 11:12 PM

Jocko's in Nipomo on the central coast

Do yourself a favor and skip this noisy, crowded boob destination. We arrived for an eight o'clock reservation and were told that there was a half hour delay. We debated whether to wait, and then decided we didn't want to stay even if they could seat us immediately.

We ended up at Shaw's in Santa Maria, where we had delicious, wood-fired steaks, with no wait, in pleasant, civilized surroundings.

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  1. Shaw's is a nice kinda of cozy dinning place with what I consider to have more than enough food for the price.

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      A photo from dinner at Shaw's I forgot to show

    2. I think Jocko's is fun to experience ...once, but personally found it to be more a volume of food, rather than quality of food place.

      1. We have been going to Jocko's for over 50 years......and still like it. It is less than three miles away.
        However, we recently went to The Hitching Post in Casmalia and had the best steak and scallop dinner ever.
        Our reservations were honored, the servers pleasant and not nearly as noisy as Jocko's.

        1. hi, i'm a boob, and i like jocko's.
          have always been seated promptly, is much easier to get into than, say, the hitching post II, and never found it particularly noisy.
          the steak is as good as the ones at the hitching post II if not better.
          it's also pretty easy to get to if you're headed on to points north.

          that said, i have not been to the casmalia hitching post.
          also, if you're not a steak eater, i can't imagine why you'd go.

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            Because they have the best scallops on the central coast....and the artichokes and the asparagus is worth the trip.