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Aug 5, 2013 10:11 PM

new Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

Tonight they did a new episode with all San Diego locations.

However, it was sort of a cop-out because they went to two restaurants they have done before, Hodad's and Pizzeria Luigi (this time the el cajon blvd location). Which is bad for me because that is my favorite pizza location and now it probably just got more crowded. Hodad's showed off their Guido Burger: pastrami, brown mustard, carmelized onions, burger patty, pickles, ketchup.

The OB Noodle House was the best thing on the show. Garlic Wings, Pho, and their House Special Fried Rice. It all looked very good.

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  1. Yeah it definitely made me want to visit OB Noodle house for the Pho!

    I've had Luigi's and the pizza sauce tasted like straight out of a can tomato sauce with no seasoning. No one liked it out of the 4 people who ate it.

    1. It's been more than a year since I last went to OB Noodle House, but, unless something has drastically changed, there was never anything remotely Chow-worthy, IMHO.
      For OB, it's definitely a change of pace, food-wise, at least. However, I found most of their food highly Westernized takes on Pan Asian favorites. You can do way better in Kearny Mesa, Convoy, and Talmadge for noodles and such.

      The only reason we went back from time to time was the awesome beer selection and great happy hour deals. We stopped going due to the crowds and uneven service due to said crowds.

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      1. re: CampySD

        However, I found most of their food highly Westernized takes on Pan Asian favorites.

        In defense of OBNH, I don't believe their raison d'ĂȘtre is to serve authentic Vietnamese, Japanese or any other type of Asian fare.

        I think you have to go there sort of knowing that they are a bit like the homey Vietnamese version of Chopstix with a larger beer selection.

        That said, the food is still pretty damn awful.

      2. Yeah it was disappointing that GF didn't patronize new places in OB or heck, in another 'hood. I enjoy Luigi's too, the Golden Hill location, although it already gets pretty busy on weekend nights. Perhaps they should mix-up their profile of our burger scene. Hit up Rocky's or Crazee Burger.