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Aug 5, 2013 07:23 PM

Best GF spaghetti?

I went to a dinner party last night of a friend of a friends and everything was GF. Apparently one of kids has a wheat allergy. The spaghetti was divine. I don't know the party host too well so i thought i'd give it a go here while i got her email. what's your favorite??

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  1. My sister is gf and loves the corn pasta from trader joes, i really liked it- she also buys their brown rice pasta. Important to note most gf pastas are not good for leftovers and do not reheat well.

    1. We use I think a Quinoa/Corn, oh let me get the package...
      Nature's Earthly Choice Imported from Italy Quinea Pasta Blend (Corn, Rice, and Quinoa Blend) that comes I think from Costco.

      It does not really duplicate semolina pasta but is versatile, forgiving and tasty. First thing you notice is that the walls of the pasta are thicker than semolina. My guess is that without gluten the thickness is needed to hold the pasta's shape and integrity.

      For Mac and Cheese we tend to use a straight Corn Pasta. The sweet nuttiness of the pasta is a wonderful addition to the other flavors.

      Rice noodles? Save them for strictly Oriental uses. They are not a common part of anyone else's culture. They soak up an enormous amount of liquid and get waterlogged. Icky. (Although quick frying them will get them to blow up like packing material. Great fun if you are feeding kids.)

      Not great suggestions for you but lots of ideas on what you are not looking for, huh? Stick with a Quinoa blend from Italy. How's that?

      1. Jovial, always and forever! Their angel hair pasta is a staple in our pantry, and Jovial pasta keeps it's texture so well that I often make pasta salads that can be eaten cold straight out of the fridge. Tinkyada is a close second, but does not taste as good once it gets cold.

        1. I have some rice pasta that I really like. I forget what the brand name is, and I tossed the box it came in (oops!) One of my favorite comfort foods from before I went gluten free is parmesan, butter and garlic noodles. I tried making it with my rice pasta and I thought the ingredients stuck better than it did with the regular non-gf pasta. My next project might be Thai.

          1. I like Bionature gluten-free. I have gotten it at stop and shop as well as healthier food type stores. Sometimes it is on sale.
            It will be a great day when one finds it at ocean state job-lot.

            I also like (but it's pricey and harder to find) all buckwheat noodles.