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Best GF spaghetti?

I went to a dinner party last night of a friend of a friends and everything was GF. Apparently one of kids has a wheat allergy. The spaghetti was divine. I don't know the party host too well so i thought i'd give it a go here while i got her email. what's your favorite??

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  1. My sister is gf and loves the corn pasta from trader joes, i really liked it- she also buys their brown rice pasta. Important to note most gf pastas are not good for leftovers and do not reheat well.

    1. We use I think a Quinoa/Corn, oh let me get the package...
      Nature's Earthly Choice Imported from Italy Quinea Pasta Blend (Corn, Rice, and Quinoa Blend) that comes I think from Costco.

      It does not really duplicate semolina pasta but is versatile, forgiving and tasty. First thing you notice is that the walls of the pasta are thicker than semolina. My guess is that without gluten the thickness is needed to hold the pasta's shape and integrity.

      For Mac and Cheese we tend to use a straight Corn Pasta. The sweet nuttiness of the pasta is a wonderful addition to the other flavors.

      Rice noodles? Save them for strictly Oriental uses. They are not a common part of anyone else's culture. They soak up an enormous amount of liquid and get waterlogged. Icky. (Although quick frying them will get them to blow up like packing material. Great fun if you are feeding kids.)

      Not great suggestions for you but lots of ideas on what you are not looking for, huh? Stick with a Quinoa blend from Italy. How's that?

      1. Jovial, always and forever! Their angel hair pasta is a staple in our pantry, and Jovial pasta keeps it's texture so well that I often make pasta salads that can be eaten cold straight out of the fridge. Tinkyada is a close second, but does not taste as good once it gets cold.

        1. I have some rice pasta that I really like. I forget what the brand name is, and I tossed the box it came in (oops!) One of my favorite comfort foods from before I went gluten free is parmesan, butter and garlic noodles. I tried making it with my rice pasta and I thought the ingredients stuck better than it did with the regular non-gf pasta. My next project might be Thai.

          1. I like Bionature gluten-free. I have gotten it at stop and shop as well as healthier food type stores. Sometimes it is on sale.
            It will be a great day when one finds it at ocean state job-lot.

            I also like (but it's pricey and harder to find) all buckwheat noodles.

            1. I'm not gluten intolerant, just very low carb, but these are really a great substitute: The package carb labeling is constantly changing, but these don't budge my glucose. The picture in the pot is of their black bean spaghetti, not the mung bean fettuciine, which is light in color: http://www6.netrition.com/explore_asi...

              They also sell their organic soybean thin spaghetti, also just soybeans and water.

              1. we really like the rice penne pasta at trader joe's but be warned: we over cooked it once by just a minute and it was glue. completely inedible. if you cook it per package instructions, it's great. i often sub it for regular pasta and my teenagers never notice.

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                  the closest TJ's is in New Mexico 8 hrs away :( don't remind me! I used to live less than a mile from the original TJ's in Pasadena.

                2. Tinkyada is pretty good and what i use if I need GF pasta for something. http://www.tinkyada.com/
                  It does need specific handling so you don't overcook it.

                  What I use day to day is rice noodles from the Asian store. They are not certified GF but don't contain other grains. I have a wheat intolerance, not celiac so I can bend the rules a bit. I can get a huge bag of dried rice noodles at the Asian store for $1.59 as opposed to over $4.00 for half as much of any of the gluten free pastas at the regular grocery.

                  1. My favourite is a sweet potato and something blend. Wait. Let me go check. Sweet potato and buckwheat. My second favourite would be a millet/brown rice blend. I make my own, too, but not always. My least favourite is corn as I dislike both the flavour and texture but if the corn is with something else in a blend, it is ok.

                    1. I am still working out which brands I like, but so far Tinkyada and Schar have been great.

                      1. Made Ronzoni tonight and it was pretty good! Had just a touch of nuttiness to it, probably because it has a bit of brown rice flour.

                        1. Rice pasta from Tinkyada and Lundgren are generally pretty good, and Trader Joe's has a less expensive version. Rice pasta from any non-Asian vendor will generally give you comparable results to wheat without objectionable flavors, but most often does not stand up well for re-heating or if overcooked. Corn pasta tends to be more fragile than rice and may fall apart even when you serve it the first time. The Asian pastas are fine for Asian dishes, where you tend to be mixing in a sauce that has some oil in it, like for stir fry or Thai noodle dishes, but are too gluey for other recipes. I have tried amaranth, quinoa, tapioca, etc., blends for GF noodles, and they all can be good, but some have strong flavors. Sometimes I finish cooking my noodles in chicken broth rather than water, to infuse more desired flavor and cover up undesirable flavors. My current favorite pasta is the fresh pasta from Maninis, they sell lasagne, fettuccini, rigatoni, etc., and it tastes great and seems to hold up better when cooked. It is not always easy to find, though. They are based up here in Seattle and have good flour mixes, too, but not too many stores have their products as yet. The only drawback I have found is that since I had not been able to find it, I over-bought it, and one of the packages spoiled, I kept it too long. Fresh is definitely better, but I think I might try to freeze it the next time.

                          1. Have you ever heard of Skinny Dip Noodles?

                            It's zero calorie and zero carb pasta. Sound too good to be true? I know.

                            It's made in Japan, and come from something called a Konjac plant. They have fettuccini, angel hair, and lasagna "noodles." They come in single serving bags that you drain and reheat.

                            I've tried them, and I think the concept works, although there nothing as good as a real plate of pasta. Here's a picture of my spaghetti and sauce lunch. They also work great in soup recipes.

                            Here's a website that reviewed them: http://www.gourmet-reviews.com/Gourme...

                            I hope that helps =



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                              i'm very familiar with konjac (konyaku) as I grew up in japan. however, bc of my upbringing, i cannot get myself to mix konyaku with other flavors other than how i had it growing up. but thanks!

                              1. If you can find RP's pasta, their gluten free pasta is fantastic. My boyfriend likes it better than regular pasta - it is fresh so that helps.

                                1. Just found Catelli GF pasta on grocery shelf this week. Catelli has been the major Canadian pasta brand forever. The price was reasonable and the pasta far exceeded what I was getting previously. A most acceptable substitute I honestly cannot tell the difference.
                                  Brown Rice, White Rice, Corn and Quinoa.
                                  Spaghetti, Fusilli and Penne.

                                  1. Sam Mills makes a corn pasta that if the best one I have tried. The spaghetti from Sam Mills is really good and we have served it to relatives who are not gluten free and they loved it too. We found it at a Seattle Grocery Outlet so I'm sure where it would be available.

                                    1. Tinkyada Spinach Linguine is my all around fav. There are a number of others I like, but I'm Italian and this is my favorite go to when I need my old family comfort food....Pasta with butter and parm.

                                      1. I'm not crazy about Trader Joes GF pasta. I tend to like the ones with both corn and rice in them like DeLallo and Schar brands- I can find both at Sprouts ( in So Cal).

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                                            those look interesting… might have to order some, as they only seem to be purchasable in colorado presently…

                                            i quite like the Explore Asian brand of gluten free noodles -- http://www.explore-asian.com/page.asp... -- i like both the black bean and the mung bean. haven't yet tried the soybean.