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Aug 5, 2013 06:24 PM

Mayor of Nye Beach Washed Rind [Oregon]

Mayor of Nye Beach is a washed rind style goat cheese from River's Edge Chevre in Oregon. I had a chance to taste it over the weekend at Freestone Artisan Cheese.

In addition to the pungency from the Rogue Dead Guy Ale washed rind treatment, the cheese also has some mushroom/earthy notes from the white bloom intermingled on the rind. Nearly half of the firm paste was still chalky white in the center, and rather grainy and brittle. The sample for me to taste was a thin shaving. Even sliced that thin, the saltiness dominates the first impression on the palate with floral/grass/yeast pulling up the rear.

I asked the cheesemonger what he thought of this cheese. He said it was a sample for him to consider adding to stock. And that he liked it but didn't love it. I agreed, finding it a fascinating cheese to pick apart, but I also did not love it enough to consider paying $34 per pound,

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