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Aug 5, 2013 06:19 PM

Byrrh - Bought it, tasted it (bitter -- but very good), what to do with it?

Stopped at the nearby Binnys here in Chicagoland and bought a small bottle of what's called 'Byrrh':

Like the taste -- it's somewhere between a vermouth and a bitter like Gran Classico or Campari. I've been using it in a cocktail I made up myself:

- 1.5 oz Rye
- 1.5 oz Averna Amaro
- .5 oz byrrh
- .5 oz Cointreau

Sort of an Italian inspired thing -- spicy, with a bitter citrus notes.

Anyway, apart from homemade, on-the-spot creations -- are there any "classic" cocktails that use byrrh? Anyone use it in other cocktails that they especially like? A byrrh Manhattan I'm sure is in the cards sometime soon. Maybe a byrrh Boulevardier/Negroni?

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  1. Yes: Boulevardier and Negroni variations. has 8 Byrrh cocktails, a few of which look interesting, including a couple of very dry ones, and KC 7.

    I was happy with:
    1 oz rye
    1 oz Campari
    1/2 oz dry vermouth
    1/2 oz Byrrh

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    1. I tried to mix with it but it is too fruity to just sub in as a vermouth or another quinquina.

      We have a drink on the menu at Russell House Tavern called Big Trouble in Little Italy:
      2 1/2 oz Rye
      1 oz Cynar
      1/2 oz Byrrh
      A few dashes of Rhubarb bitters (we use a lot (7) since our housemade one is natural, but probably only 1-2 dashes of Fee's)
      Stir/strain cocktail glass. Grapefruit oil.

      Feel free to scale down the rye in the recipe. Our pours are bigger than what I consider standard cocktail size (which is 3 oz).

      1. I created a cocktail using it a year ago at the Tanqueray Ginstitute. I think it may be published in their book when it comes out. They accepted 2-3 of the ones I came up with. The only problem is my notes were written in pencil, and the moleskine has been in my back pocket just about every day since then, fading. And it was at the end of a long day of spirits tasting and cocktail creation. This is one of the few recipes I didn't transcribe right away. As a matter of fact this may be the first time I looked at it since then. Sooo... the recipe may be off since it is very hard to read, but I think I deciphered it.

        1 1/2 oz. Byrrh
        1 oz. Tanqueray gin
        1/2 oz. Benedictine liqueur
        2 dashes of Sour Cherry bitters (can't make out the name, it reads as Micler Sq, or Mider Sq, maybe Miracle Mile?)

        Stirred on ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.