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Aug 5, 2013 04:08 PM

Headed to Wichita, KS for a month

So I'm working in Wichita for a month and was wondering if there were any food options up there that I must absolutely try. So far the best anyone has told me about the food was that there is a place that serves fried Lobster and brisket cheese fries. I'm scared. Very scared. ;)

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  1. Hopefully there is something. We were there a few months ago and wanted to try It was also spelled YiaYias. It is part of a group of restaurants but each has a chef. Ours here is really good and they use chickens from a farm in our area. We didn't get to try it because our family had other ideas but I would love to hear if you find something good, especially those little hole in the wall places. We have found ourselves in some places for extended visits that at first seemed bleak that ended up with some good places.

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      That does ring a bell because I swear I've been to one before. I'll check it out and let you know. Lord knows i"ll have plenty of time for exploring.

    2. If I ever have to spend time in Wichita, the eating options I will explore will be mostly Thai, Lao, Vietnamese and Middle Eastern. A little research convinced me that the most interesting eateries in this mostly uninteresting town fall into those categories. Let the interwebs be your guide.

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        That's fascinating. Is there a large Asian and Middle Eastern population in Wichita? For some reason I had assumed that there would be more BBQ and "Beefier" places? I mean the city was once know as Cowtown for crying out loud.

        Thanks for the suggestions though. I'm all about the Middle Eastern cuisine if I can get it.

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          There's a lot of Asian because Vietnamese boat people were settled in Kansas in the 70s. So, yes, it's a strength, of many varieties (even Malaysian). Lebanese have been in Wichita since the 19th century so there's a fair amount of good middle eastern. Beyond that, it's kind of beef and potatoes, and middling Mexican.

      2. I live in Wichita. What kind of food are you looking for? My favorite places are Red Rock Canyon Grill, Mediterranean Grill, Metro Grill, and College Hill Deli. I am not saying you absolutely must try any of these, just that they are places we like.

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          I'm not picky. I was just trying to get a general idea. Being from Austin, TX, I'm overwhelmed with food choices so I figured if I could narrow it down to a choice few in Wichita I'd be safe from any sort of overload. I love BBQ but then I also love Ethiopian and German. Not all at once mind you, but separately. Thanks for the advice Krisz

        2. I forgot to mention Bella Vita Bistro. We have eaten there several times, and it's always good. Also Taste and See is somewhat unique. When we first moved to Wichita, we were told we had to eat at Nu Way on West Douglas. They make their own root beer, and it is great. The food is ok. We were also told we had to go to The Old Mill Tasty Shop near downtown. It has an old fashioned soda fountain and the malts are terrific. Last night I had some wonderful ice cream from the new shop in Clifton Square near Douglas and Hillside. I hope you find food you enjoy.

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            Went to Taste and see the first day and it was pretty great. SO many restaurants, so little time. I'm actually moving up to Wichita at the end of the month. Now I have even more time to explore the great food up there.

          2. So I've made the move up here and can't wait to start finding little holes in the wall that I can recommend. But while I'm still getting my feet wet, can anyone recommend a good Pho Place or sushi place?

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              Hope someone recommends a pho place. I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with a local staff member. Can't remember the name but the hotel had tried to talk me out of going there because it was a "bad area". The staff member said they go there for lunch quite often and it sure looked like a decent area.
              I liked the little Korean place in Old Town Hana Next Door which was good since it's very small, more of a take-out place and good for a single diner.
              So far, my favorite is Le Monde which has some wonderful pasta dishes and reasonable prices. On a second night we went to Café Bel Ami which local staff recommended. It was good but my friend ordered something similar that she had had a Le Monde and said Le Monde was much better and much less expensive (ravioli with shrimp in a lobster sauce and we had the fatoush salad on the side). We went to Larkspur in Old Town (limited transportation) and it was ok but not a hole in the wall gem.
              Sorry I didn't keep track of where out take-out lunches came from because staff chose barbecue, Middle Eastern, and lasagna , and fajitas on successive days. All were local restaurants, not chains and all were very good.
              I was surprised that Wichita has over 1000 restaurants and a large popular of Asians.