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Aug 5, 2013 03:43 PM

Non-stick muffin tins not non-stick

Perhaps this is my incompetence more than anything, but I'm finding that my non-stick muffin pan isn't at all non-stick. In fact, I'm having such a hard time removing muffins. I'm wondering if anybody also experiences this and what remedies there may be.

For some background:
-The non-stick surface isn't scratched at all.
-I always use a plastic knife to run along the muffin cup to loosen the muffin.
-It's a mini-muffin tin so the cups are much smaller
-The muffins are fully cooked when they're removed from the oven, and are browned.
-I don't grease or spray the cup of the muffin tin prior to baking.
-I typically bake low-fat muffins

I was wondering if there might be better bakeware to use and am open to any suggestions. I'm getting so tired of struggling to get my mini-muffins out.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. While often disparaged I love my silicon muffin and bundt pans. My mom went on a silicon kick one year and we all got them along with silicon spatulas. We all just shook our heads but then I used the muffin one and I was hooked. Every type of muffin just pops right out. The key is to place them on a cookie sheet for easy transport

    Mine look similar to these but are 100% silicone.

    1. You don't need a new pan, you need to grease the one you have. I don't know of any "non-stick" bakeware that doesn't actually need greasing or lining with parchment (not an option for muffin tins) for easy release.

      While I don't use any oil sprays for stovetop cooking, I do use and recommend oil + flour baking spray (Baker's Joy, Spectrum, etc.) for muffin and other baking pans. For mini-muffin pans, I generally give a small spray to every other well, then use a pastry brush to spread the spray, and the residue on the brush to grease the unsprayed wells. This adds essentially zero calories/fat to your muffins, and they will just about fall out of the pan. If you are determined to avoid sprays, use a drop of oil and a brush or your finger, and your muffins will still release much more easily.

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        Supermarkets sell paper cupcake liners for the mini size. Those need no greasing, of course. Without a liner, I spray Pam in the wells. The flour/oil sprays are okay but not necessary. For a crisper, tastier crust, spray the Pan, then "flour" the wells with ordinary sugar. You'd think that would scorch or stick but it doesn't.

      2. I usually use paper liners. Reduces the amount of sticking even with a spray

        1. Thanks for the responses everybody. I'm going to try the spray or oil approach. I've never thought of oiling my bakeware before since my previous non-stick muffin tins never had problems releasing. Should this not work, I might just head for the silicon option.

          1. I find butter works better than oil/spray stuff for removing baked goods from the pans.

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              Thanks Sirrith. I'll also give butter a try as well.

              1. re: daeira

                Daeira, if you let your muffins sit for 10-15 minutes before removing them from the pan they will come out easier. Also, depending on what type of muffins you're making you might try replacing all or some of the fats in the recipe with apple sauce, sweet potato puree, pumpkin puree etc....equal amounts. For exact recipes check the web for fat substitutes or replacements. Or " instead of going to Mickey Mouse go directly to Walt Disney" as the saying goes which in this case would be Anna Olson at or for baking tips and anything else to do with baking. MLB

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                  Just an update, I've switched to cast iron muffin pans (my non-stick one was ruined by scratches because it was sticking despite added butter and I got angry at it), and I'm wondering why I didn't try these earlier. You'd think cast iron pans would stick more than non-stick ones, but it turns out that is wrong, at least as far as muffin pans go.
                  I used to rub a knob of butter all over my non-stick muffin pan and still get some stick. With the cast iron pan, I just preheat the pan in the oven, add about 1/4 tsp of butter to each well (keeping in mind it is brand new so not very well seasoned and still not very non-stick), spoon the batter in, bake, then run a knife around the edge of the muffins just to loosen them a bit, and they pop right out.

                  1. re: Sirrith

                    <(my non-stick one was ruined by scratches because it was sticking despite added butter and I got angry at it)>

                    Please don't ever get mad at me. ;)

                    1. re: DuffyH

                      As long as you release my muffins cleanly, I wont ;)