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Aug 5, 2013 03:35 PM

Best gumbo in Baton Rouge

Driving thru Baton Rouge and spending the night. Looking for a good, really excellent place for some La Cajun particular, really want to go to the
Restaurant who has the best gumbo. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. If its anything like New Orleans, find a dive.

    1. I rarely if ever order restaurant gumbo, much less pay for the 'privilege' to eat it. I do not live in Baton Rouge but have friends that do, so this comes not as a solid recommendation but rather just some ideas for your consideration. Not in any order. HTH

      The Chimes East.

        1. re: RedStickChickenMan

          Red stick. . Actually, no, went on to Slidell for the night and wound up at some seafood restaurant near the lake...had some flounder, it wasn't too good...not much in Slidell...thanks for asking.

          1. re: bobgelb

            Yeah, "Slidell" is French for strip mall.