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Aug 5, 2013 01:18 PM

Great Kofta Sandwich -Ali Baba, Ivor Place, London

Rather small and scruffy Egyptian Place just off Gloucester Place between Marylebone and Baker St. stations.Many interesting dishes but went for the kofta sandwich, Two perfectly cooked and juicy lamb koftas. Not a lot of spice but flecked with parsley. Pitta bread good but could have been a bit softer. Came with tomatoes. cucumber, red onion and more parsley and very good hummus. The hummus was really earthy and had a good bit of texture which suggests they made it there rather than bought it in.

Ali Baba
32 Ivor Place

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  1. Sounds great. I might give this a shot tonight.

    1. Are we reviewing doner kebabs now? LOL. Been there as well, my Egyptian friend loves it.

      1. I've always been meaning to ask - what are the major differences between kofta from Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey?

        1. Thanks for recommending this place.

          The molokhia was excellent -- plenty of flavour from the spinach-like corchorus leaves, finely minced and made into a soup that was delicately slippery and starchy, nearly okra-like but more elegant. The vegetal flavour played off well against a mellow pungency from garlic, and an even saltiness. Lamb in the molokhia was cooked till the fibres were silky, yet still held together. Great with rice and a notch up from the several dishes I had recently at the Grain Store.

          Om Ali was ok, the flavours nice, but the pudding not completely soft and creamy, the milk and bread still a little separate. Interesting bites of dried shredded coconut and perhaps almonds.

          Soulful stuff and worth trying more.