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Aug 5, 2013 12:38 PM

Food that glistens

I would love to know if anyone shares my problem. If food that glistens is put in front of me my stomach ties a knot. I'm talking mostly about vegetables and fish and meat that is brought to the table smothered in butter. But there's also sushi that now always seems to be drizzled in mayonnaise. And then anything with melted cheese.

I've now started requesting "no butter, no oil" when I order. I know this can cause big problems for the chef but what else can I do?

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  1. My suggestion is to desensitize yourself to this. Add a trace of butter to your veggies at home, and add a bit more each time you do. You can always say, "hold the cheese," and I don't see a problem with this.

    You might try learning to like a toasted cheese sandwich, which might help you not feel nauseated if you see melted cheese.

    Now, I am going to remind you that this is truly a first world problem.

    1. sushi is not drizzled with mayo. stop ordering bogus fusion maki rolls.

      1. I had that reaction, with involuntary retching during fourth money of my pregnancy. That and the smell of Chinese food. Just a salad with an oily sheen on it was awful.

        Hormones, they have a sense of humor Never had the reactions before or since.

        1. Has this always been so? I have reactions to food for a while (months, sometimes) if I eat something that causes me a bout of food poisoning.

          There's nothing the matter with ordering food no butter, no oil, no dressing.

          If the melted cheese is oily (and thus shiny, as in on a pizza), it's probably low quality cheese. Try a margherita pizza, for ex, with sliced fresh mozz.