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Aug 5, 2013 11:48 AM

Cousins Lobster Truck: great first experience for me

Hiya... Wife and I went to the weekly/Friday evening food truck experience on Chatsworth St. in Granada Hills (we 3 miles away). Pretty awesome selection of trucks every time, usually about 30 or more lining each side of the street for several blocks. Side-street parking is anxiety-inducing, but can be accomplished with a bit of effort, and so far, the crowd of patrons are OK or better, with lots of young families and a moderate smattering of tolerable hipsters.

Finally saw the Cousins lobster truck about which I've read here on the LA board, and honed in on that, as I rarely find lobster rolls around town (or perhaps don't look astutely enough). The line was not short, but not too long either, as the pricing is a double-edged sword that keeps the throng of lobster admirerers down to a reasonable herd. So I went for it, BIG TIME (three lobster rolls for ME!!)

The price is about $12.95 per roll. Maine-style and Connecticut-style, or some such differentiation (one served cool w/mayo on toasted lobster roll, and one serve warmed with butter on toasted lobster roll). I ordered two of the warm/butter versions, and one of the cool/mayo versions. My choice was perfect.

The roll/sandwich isn't huge, but its' just fine for the price; one is almost enough and three (what I ordered) is almost too much. It felt like easily 4 ounces of good quality claw and tail meat in each sandwich. Just the right amount of butter and mayo on each, and not over-the-top unctuous. The bread/rolls could have been just slightly more toasty.

They have a good system in place, because I only waited about ten minutes for my order of three lobster rolls (and an order of three shrimp tacos for the wife -- which were OK, but nowhere near as great as the lobster, natch). The young fellow taking my order was super nice and congenial/cool (like Glen Philips from Toad The Wet Sprocket) and even made a funny announcement over the speaker when my three sandwiches were ready, that made the crowd laugh).

Next time, I will show more restraint and just order two lobster rolls from the Cousins truck, and then get a third one from across the street at the nearby Lobsta Truck, by way of comparison. My three lobster rolls set me back about $40, plus a nice tip for the crew manning the truck, but it was the most enjoyable lobster experience I've had in several years, on a near perfect Los Angeles summer evening...

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  1. I really enjoy Cousins' lobster rolls. Still haven't made it to Lobsta Truck. Almost decided to try it at the 626 Night Market but decided to focus on the Asian food.

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    1. re: PeterCC

      How was 626 for you, Peter? I was disappointed in it last year...did not go this year.

      1. re: Ciao Bob

        Don't want to hijack this thread. May make a separate post on it this week, but briefly it was very good... if you go early and leave by 8 PM before it becomes a mob scene. Didn't go last year, so can't compare, but from everything I've heard, it is a massive improvement in every way.

        1. re: PeterCC

          "it was very good... if you go early"

          That's really the only way if you want to be able to try more than 3 things

    2. Although I don't think I liked it as much as you did, I do think it's the best I've had in LA so far. Although I haven't had Lobsta Truck yet.

      The bread didn't quite work for me and there was something about the lobster meat that didn't quite pop. But overall it was still a solid lobster roll.

      I placed a pen next to the roll to give some scale and sense of how large it is.

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        Hi Jase ... By nature, I'm not usually a food truck kind of individual, so when things went so smoothly on the eve of my Cousins experience, my enthusiaasm was as much about the relative ease of finding that which I sought, as it was about the quality of the lobster roll itself. Simply put, the result far exceeded my initial expectations. All that was missing was a nice ice cold bitter ale in a glass bottle to wash it all down by way of civilized transgression. Cheers!

        1. re: silence9

          If you go to their restaurant in Pasadena it has a full bar.

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            Ahh, yes that makes sense. Some of these gourmet trucks can be pretty annoying with their service issues.