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Aug 5, 2013 11:35 AM

Trip plan - 8/7/13 through 8/12/13

Dear NOLA Hounds,

My wife and I extend our appreciation for all your opinions and ideas.

We are heading down for our longest stay ever. We hope to survive our appetites and the city's offerings...but the odds are 6:5 and pick 'em.

8/7/13: Land at noon
- Later lunch at Cafe Reconcile
- Late snack at Mr. B's

8/8/13: Big five-oh for this guy
- Breakfast at Elizabeth's
- Walk the Bywater
- Lunch at The Joint
- Birthday dinner at Brigtsen's

- Galatoire's for lunch; first ever; still taking advice as this STILL intimidates me
- Late diner at Feelings and jazz afterwards

- Lunch at the bar at R'Evolution..could not bring myself to commit to a dinner, here.
- Dinner at Peche
- Perhaps late night music at Maple Leaf

- Jazz Brunch at Commander's - Gotta get me some turtle soup
- Dinner at River Shack...Mrs. Monch has a friend in NOLA and wants us to see this place

- Begin the recovery process en route home to Wisconsin

Again, much appreciation for your wisdom and willingness to share.

Your partner in well-planned chowing,


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  1. I think you will enjoy River Shack

    1. I really like your spread. Every one is good in its own category.

      You don't have to hit the Top Ten or spend your last $10 to get good meals around this city.

      My one change might be to get a lunch at River Shack where you might get a chance at some good specials. Evenings resort back to more normal bar food, good but nothing that you can't find elsewhere.

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      1. re: collardman

        Thanks, CM.

        My wife's friend chose the date and time of our excursion to River Shack. She's picking us up and all three of us are going out for the's a Sunday night....not sure what that means to the offerings.

        Appreciate the feedback.

      2. I worry that the Friday lunch crowd might be so over-the-top as to be bothersome. If you get in right away, you'll have about three hours of the Big Bustle. It will calm down mid afternoon (I hope). Do it right and you won't want much in the way of dinner.

        Don't worry about it: it's a neighborhood joint, really.

        1. HH,

          Actually 8/9 became the WWII museum, lunch at The American Sector, the Confederacy Museum, and dinner/music at Three Muses.

          Totally NOT the day we expected....actually there were very few plans that did not get thrown into a cocked hat.

          River Shack was one plan that we kept and we had a HOOT!

          More later.