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Aug 5, 2013 10:06 AM

Killington (and around) report

Found a great deal for an overnight at North Star Lodge which included lobster dinner and breakfast for 2. Drove up from Boston stopping at the Foot Hills in Warner NH which I'd been to about 10 years ago. There are maybe two other spots to go in this tiny town but it wasn't too crowded at 10:30 on a Sat. morning. Filled with kitsch, more signs and quilts and stuff than you can shake a stick at. Had biscuits and gravy w/ two eggs that were actually done medium well. Biscuit was a little hard but fine. Also tried the corned beef & cheddar omelet which was a bit dry, hash browns were decent, the homemade raisin toast was delicious. We saw someone get the famous cinnamon bun, insanely huge.

After impressing ourselves by climbing up Killington, we took the gondola back down and stopped at the Lookout Grill for a very cold beer. (Half a beer in a freezing cold pint glass is the perfect amount for me.) It was a little windy for their deck so just hung at the bar, didn't take advantage of the chicken wing happy hour. I'd read good things about On the Rocs so after regrouping, we split their fried Brussels sprouts and had a cocktail. That was kind of messed up cuz the kid working when we arrived around 6:45 was not the bartender and didn't really know how to mix drinks. I think I basically had grapefruit soda in a martini glass. And the sprouts were tiny and way overdone, a gigantic portion that we didn't make a dent in. The real bartender came soon after, but too late for my one drink, and he wasn't overly personable with us non locals. Whatever, it was now time for dinner at Casey's Caboose where the boiled lobster dinner included rice or fries, fresh veggies and a good salad to start. I don't deal with cracking open lobsters too often but it was good w/ good service. We ended at the Foundry close to our hotel (photo) where I tried some "arborio rice pie" while A. had another interesting draft. I pictured a custardy pie but it was more like a very sturdy bread pudding w/ some chocolate and raspberry. Not my favorite but the place looked fun and had an interesting menu. One of the least kitschy places we went to.

Breakfast at Wally's was good, three pancakes w/ bacon and real maple syrup and eggs w/ sausage. Didn't try their famous fresh orange juice but it comes out of a cool machine and the place itself is very cute.

Stopped at Baba Louie's in Chester and got a great sticky bun then an iced coffee at Heritage Bakery. I like both those places a lot when I drive thru.

So I don't want to sound overly negative since we had a good time but some of the places weren't so successful.

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  1. Were these places that you'd seen recommended on Chowhound? None of them sound familiar to me from my past visits to that area, but I've not been around there for a while.

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      I saw Casey's mentioned here and that's where the lobster dinner was that came with the hotel deal I got. Same thing with Wally's who offered the breakfast voucher. Casey's is owned by the same people who own Santa Fe Steakhouse and one other I think. It was a good meal and my brother's been there and liked it. I saw On the Rocs recommended on Yelp as being very "New York". Certainly more so than other places in the area that have 20 million kitschy signs and feel like you're in a log cabin, but our time there wasn't the most successful. I've known the Chester places for a while.

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        Sounds like you had a quintessential Killington experience. :-) Over the years I've had a ski house there, I haven't been impressed with much. I usually just stick to beer and wings at happy hour or burgers, soups, and sandwiches to minimize the risks. Lately, I just head down to the 99 in Rutland for steak tips and salad or fish 'n chips - at least you know what you are going to get and the service will be adequate.