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Aug 5, 2013 09:48 AM

sushi in the bay area?

i'll be staying in the holiday inn in van ness and was wondering where i can get good sushi that's not so far from the hotel? Japantown?

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  1. Very very close to your hotel (1 block away): Wayo sushi. If you stick to the classics (maguro, saba, uni, hotate nigiri etc) its actually very good. Mamoru-san is a skilled itamae. Unfortunately he needs to cater to a certain customer base so he also does stuff like mango rolls and philly cheese rolls with brown rice... but again, if you stick to the classic nigiri you will be pleasantly surprised.

    In Japantown you have two options: Ino (very good quality, traditional, very grumpy chef) and Aka Tombo. Chef Ryoji-san at Aka Tombo is a great guy and the quality of the food is very good. He offers a great omakase deal: $30 for 10 pieces of nigiri + soup. Ino has a lot of fans here, and I do enjoy his food, but he is always in a terrible mood and for me this ruins the experience of eating at his restaurant.