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Aug 5, 2013 09:47 AM

Authentic Mexican within 15 miles of Scotch Plains?

Looking for great mexican-so much is lackluster and americanized. Would love to find a grat place not too far away. Your recommendations?

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  1. Joyce's Taquiera in Bound Brook.

    1. How about Mis Amigos in Dunellen? It's very authentic and welcoming.

      Mis Amigos
      373 North Ave

      Cinco de Mayo in New Brunswick (maybe a tiny bit more than fifteen miles) - don't be put off by the exterior! It's fine inside.

      Cinco de Mayo
      206 French St
      New Brunswick

      When I drive through Plainfield, there always seem to be a few promising looking places, but I never get the chance to stop. Perhaps there's something worthwhile there too.

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      1. re: BrianYarvin

        I was going to say almost any place in Bound Brook, New Brunswick or Plainfield. My usual is Crazy Burrito, but picking a random place in one of the above towns usually pays off. It's also worthwhile going Central American instead of Mexican. There are a handful of Honduran/Dominican/Guatemalan/etc places.

        Double-tortilla tacos are the only example I can think of where authentic isn't as good as Americanized.

        1. re: chuck98

          Chuck, have you tried any of the places in Plainfield?

      2. I'd recommend trying Casa Maya in Gillette. Great little hole in the wall place with really good Sonoran style Mexican fare.

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          1. Mi Pueblito, on Kearny Ave. (right next to Town Hall) in Kearny NJ. is one of the best Mexican places I have found. Everyone I recommend loved this place.