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Lunch en route to Stowe from Montreal?

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On Friday, my husband and I will be driving from Montreal to Stowe, VT, probably crossing the border at Morse's Line. Is there anywhere en route in Vermont that would make a good stop-off for lunch? (We can't wait to eat at Misery loves Co. and Hen of the Wood later on during our Vermont trip.)

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  1. Any idea about where you'd like to break for lunch? There's some good-sounding places I think in St. Albans, but there's even more great stuff in Burlington. :)

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      Halfway would be good! St Albans is placed about right -- where were you thinking of?

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        I never get up that way, so all this is based on information from the 7 Days (independent Burlington weekly newspaper) food writers.

        Twiggs (http://www.twiggsvt.com/) opened just around a week ago. It's a Gastropub. Unfortuantely, it only opens at 4, so too late for lunch.

        There's Maple City Diner (https://www.facebook.com/MapleCityDin...) which looks more promising for lunch. This is Alice's review of the place, which I provide to help you narrow in on dining choices (http://www.7dvt.com/2013taste-test-re...). Also, she ate there just after it opened, and it's been open for several months now.