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Aug 5, 2013 09:18 AM

Lunch between Montreal and Stowe, VT?

On Friday, my husband and I will be driving from Montreal to Stowe, VT, probably crossing the border at Morse's Line. Is there anywhere en route, outside Montreal, that would make a good stop-off for lunch? (We can't wait to eat at APDC and Lawrence when in Montreal.)

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  1. Burlington is about 1.5 hours from Montreal and there are some great lunch options there. American Flatbread has delicious thin-crust pizzas and a wide variety of local beers. There is also a great vegetarian restaurant, Stone Soup on College Street. Hot buffet and delicious soup, sandwiches and salads

      1. Try Prohibition Pig in Waterbury. Here's their lunch menu.

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          Thank you for all the suggestions. Prohibition Pig looks promising. We're actually flying into and out of Burlington and driving to Montreal-Stowe in between. It's almost 3 hours drive from Montreal to Stowe if we cross the border at Morse's Line. We'd hoped to find somewhere around halfway or a little before -- Burlington's a bit further than halfway if you take that routing. We'll already be eating there immediately after and before we fly, and I think it might be nicer to take the smaller roads, too. We had hoped there was somewhere in Canada, before the border...

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            There are lots of little local places over the Canadian border offering bar/hamburger/hot dogs, etc. There is a Swiss restaurant but honestly I always go right past as I'm trying to get to Mtl from Boston, or leaving in the am return to Boston. I assume they have pork pie and other Quebec specialties. Take a shot and let us know how it is. Or, i'll stop next time around.

        2. The Owls's Bread in Mansonville QC was excellent when we stopped there some years ago, but I haven't been there for a long time. It seems they have now opened a second branch in Magog.

          Enjoy the ride and the PDC!

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            We actually ended up eating at Misery Loves Co twice for lunch because of the way our flights worked out. The first lunch was a little disappointing -- the fried fish yum yum sandwich was unbalanced, with a ton of sweet sauce, while the eggplant (Aubergine Dream) sandwich was dull tasting. From one extreme to the other! Our salad was hopelessly overdressed, the leaves completely soaked. We had a great lemon curd doughnut, though, and felt that the restaurant could do much better -- we could see that the owners weren't cooking. They were planning something, seated at a neighboring table to ours.

            On our second visit, we had the fried salt cod (Saltie) sandwich and the fried chicken (Rough Francis) sandwich, both much better composed. Although most everything appealing at Misery Loves Co. seems to be fried, which makes it slightly heavy-going, the execution was greatly improved for our second lunch and we loved both our sandwiches.

            We also ate at Hen of the Wood for dinner, near Stowe, which was excellent. Fantastic wine list. And at the Parker Pie Company in West Glover, VT, which didn't live up to high expectations, raised that high by a positive write-up in the Art of Eating some time ago. The dough on our pizza was undercooked towards much of the center. The fresh tomato and spinach topping was very good, though, and we liked the vibe.