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Aug 5, 2013 09:01 AM

Jimmy Johns?

I'm out in Rochester, Minn right now; there was a Jimmy Johns
right in the hotel, so I tried an Italian sandwhich there. Wow!
Fast, great bread, quality ingredients, yummy, for only $7.95, their
most expensive sandwhich.

Any of them located in Delaware Valley? I think they have Subway
beat for bread quality and variety.

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  1. Yes there are definitely in the Delaware Valley. There is one in King of Prussia right next to the Baja Fresh on Route 202. I believe there is another on in Conshohocken right on Main Street next to El Limon.

    You are the second person to comment on their bread. I didn't think it was anything to write home about, but YMMV.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      What is YMMV? I learn something new all the time!

    2. There is one in the Upper Dublin shopping center (Route 63) I saw it when I stopped into DW. I was not familiar with the name. For some reason I thought it was a hot dog place.

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      1. re: crazyspice

        The Hot Dog place is on route 202 in West Chester, not far from the Dillworthtown Inn and their website is and their full name is Jimmy John piping hot sandwiches. I suspect they were grandfathered into keeping the name because of how long they have been there, and probably ddin't trademark it.

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            The original Jimmy John's (I don't think you can trademark a name like that..) has been in West Chester for years. Have not been there in awhile, but they used to have some great hot dogs with natural casings (that snap when you bite them.) Also, had some old toy trains run along the walls.which were great for amusing little kids.) Never tried anything but the dogs..

      2. There is one in the Bala Cynwyd shopping center on City Line Ave. I am not a fan. If I eat a cold sandwich, it's going to be on bread made by an Italian family :)

        1. Funny you mentioned JJ because I just had their Vito sub (their version of the Italian hoagie) a couple days ago. Definitely better hoagies out there; only added bonus was that it was only $1 for a one-day special they ran. If it wasn't for that, I definitely would have been mad. This was at the Bala Cynwyd location, I'm sure it was probably going on at a couple other locations in the area too.

          1. Bala is great mileage/location for me: no problem.
            It isn't that I prefer fast food to slow food, but sometimes
            that's what's needed, and there's nothing to sneeze at good
            quality in fast food. Popeyes is another example that comes
            to mind.

            Multigrain bread beats white bread hands down in my book.
            Another cool thing about the Rochester location is that they
            deliver. And, I saw huge delivery orders going out.
            Not a bad deal.