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Aug 5, 2013 08:23 AM

Metamorfosi Prix Fixe Lunch?


Has anyone tried the prix fixe lunch at Metamorfosi? I am trying to decide if I should try lunch at Metamordosi and dinner at Glass, or keep my Metamorfosi dinner reservation and skip glass.


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  1. i have tried the lunch many times and can recommend it - but dinner is definitely more satisfying (bigger menu). the lunch is geared towards people who want to have a "quick" but good business lunch. i would keep the dinner.
    PS: if this is for august - no lunch during august!

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      Thank you for your insight. I am trying to determine which of the fine dining restaurants in Rome we should hit, keeping in mind that it sounds like we can dine just as well at regional and roman establishments (i.e. Cesare al Casaletto, Colline Emiliane). Would one do the trick, or is it worth it to hit Metamorfosi, Glass and L'arcangelo (gnocchi) for dinner?

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        Buried deep in this long long travel report is a detailed description of a lunch at Metamorfosi. I pass it along just because of the description. The trip report is not mine. I just came across it. (Vinoroma might like reading it too because it says nice things about her.) There may be other mentions of restaurants you are interested in as well. Again, not vouching for the tastebuds of the author, but passing along for the details.

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            You are right, you can eat very well at cesare and colline and l'arcangelo. Note l'arcangelo is not at the same level as glass and metamorfosi, it is rather between the former group and them. I would say going to both metamorfosi and glass on a short trip is overkill and if i had to choose i would go to metamorfosi, but will admit it is completely personal. I love everything about metamorfosi, including the sommelier whom i think is the best in Rome (i am a somm myself), but (disclaimer!) the sous-chef is a friend (i never get any special treatment in the restaurant, but we do socialize outside of it). I just got feedback from a London chef who went to meta for lunch and loved it and was sorry he went for lunch, he ordered everything that was available at lunch and would have liked more.

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              No hook up? What a shame! ;p

              I think we're going to go for our 10th anniversary this fall. Thanks everyone for the tips in this thread! It looks fantastic!

        1. We had lunch at Metamorforsi and dinner at Glass in January. Thoroughly enjoyed both

          Here are links to our blog - pics and commentary about both meals (amid other comments) Rereading them now I don't think I'd change what we did.



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