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Aug 5, 2013 07:19 AM

Return to Picholine -- Exquisite!

Exquisite pre-birthday dinner at Picholine on Saturday night (Picholine will be closed for my birthday for a month's vacation). From the moment I entered the restaurant until I left, I was treated as a "queen". Service was stellar--always attentive and friendly. My water glass was never left less than 2/3 full throughout my dinner; loved that they serve Badoit for sparkling water. I had a lovely pomegranate spritzer for my "mocktail". I had decided on the 8 course tasting menu, and every dish was excellent and a perfect sized portion (various amuses; crab and avocado roulade; seared foie gras; scallop; risotto with summer truffles; squab with foie gras pain perdu; raclette; meyer lemon mousse; dark chocolate brownie with bacon meringue and minted pea ice cream; mignardises). Loved the finger bowl brought with the squab so that I could thoroughly enjoy the tiny drumstick. Loved that they brought an extra dessert with a candle and an inscription in chocolate wishing me "Happy Birthday" with my name on it (personalization does count!). Also loved that they printed "Happy Birthday" again with my name on the menu, and gave me an envelope with my menu before I left (only Per Se has done that for me; EMP did that for my mother a few years ago). I haven't dined at Picholine since June 2012, but I can guarantee that I'll be returning much more frequently in the future.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. Looks like your menu contained a lot of things I would tend to gravitate towards. Picholine still remains one of our favorites in the city. I can't wait till the game starts showing up on the menu in the next couple months. Still don't think it gets the attention it deserves, kind of wish more people would discover it.

    Happy Pre-Birthday!

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    1. I love Picholine. I adore their late night dessert course as well.
      Picholine's 'smoked sturgeon panna cotta' with beet carpaccio and wild American caviar, accompanied by rye crisps just blew me away recently.

      My only compaint is I can't go back as often as I would like to, due to limited number of menu choices, which do not seem to change frequently either. Otherwise, I would probably go back once or twice a month! :)

      1. Very pleased to see my feelings about the place expressed so well. It's one of my few once a month places. The quality of the dishes, elegance of the flavors, intelligence of composition in the tasting menus, and the graciousness of the service have really been astonishingly consistent over the years. Not to mention the cheese course.
        Really glad you liked it. And Happy Birthday.

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          Thanks for the good wishes. Am delighted to see that others on this board share my enthusiasm for Picholine.

        2. Who's the Chef de Cuisine there now?

          (Or is Terrance Brennan actually heading the kitchen again?)

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            Since the website makes no mention of any other chef at Picholine, I imagine Chef Brennan is heading the kitchen. Daniel Kleinhandler is the Pastry Chef.

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              The Chef de Cuisine at Picholine is Brian Nasworthy. He previously worked at Per Se.

              1. re: darren425

                Thanks for the correction. Not surprised that Chef Nasworthy worked at Per Se.

            2. That's certainly true!! I was there for my birthday Sunday night and it was perfect. the only'negative' was that there were only three tables taken. it's too bad that they're not busier. But you can make a reservation via Savored and get 20% off the meal..