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80th Birthday - Laval Suggestions?

Can anyone recommend a nice dinner spot for someone that is turning 80 soon? This person is unassuming and not seeking anything too trendy. Since she lives in Laval, that area would be preferred (though Montreal is not ruled out completely).

I know this is a strange request, but I'm hoping some of you hounds might have an idea or two! Thanks!

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      I would strongly advise against Manhatten's steakhouse. Very plain and dissapointing the few times I have been. If you like the St Martin area there is always Kam Shing for Chinese, Luganos or Grigio for byob and of course many places in Centropolis or Vieux St Rose. I tried a pizza place called Pizza Picante in Ste Rose and really enjoyed it.

      1. re: humbert

        It is fine for a group and has a standard meal. It is not fancy however. Many people have showers and group events there as the price is right. I prefer the Vieux Ste. Rose area for special events myself.

    2. It's been more than a few years but Ammos was decent for Greek.


      1. I've heard good things about Derrière les fagots.

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          I believe this has closed it was located in Vieux Ste. Rose, and it was somewhat expensive, with everything a la carte. As I posted above there are a number of restaurants in this lovely area.

        2. Vieux Ste. Rose has some lovely restaurants. It is a lovely place to walk around as well.

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            Ste-Rose is a beautiful historic district (old village).

            If you are looking for somewhere much more modest but for a wide variety of tastes, Terrasse Lafayette (Greek, but also extensive menu) byow has a branch in Laval now.

            It really depends on what you, but above all the "birthday girl" might want.

          2. Depending ou your budget, the following are quite nice. You can check out their sites to see the menus and prices:

            1. Amato in Ste-Rose: they have a spectacular terrace in summer and good Italian food

            2. À l'Imparfait in Duvernay: French BYOB

            3. Le Mitoyen in Ste-Dorothée: fine French food

            4. Terracina in Chomedey: Italian, more affordable than Amato

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            1. re: carolilas

              Thanks for this list! She likes fairly basic food that's not too pretentious - I never thought of Ste Rose - great idea! Thanks!

              1. re: fraisefatale

                It is lovely in Ste. Rose. They have an art festival once a year, not sure if it has already gone on.

                1. re: Ruthie789

                  Yep! Ste-Rose art festival was from July 25th to the 28th.

            2. This is by no means a Chow-worthy place but I thought I'd mention it anyways since you're looking for basic food for an 80th birthday party. My in-laws love Manhattan steakhouse in Laval.

              Manhattan Steakhouse
              1446, boul. St-Martin Ouest

              The menu is pretty generic but there's live music and dinner/dancing on weekends so it's good for celebrations and meals come with soup and salad bar.

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              1. re: CookEatSleep

                It is a standard for large parties for sure, you get a bang for your buck.

              2. Don't forget the Laval Bottega location.


                1. It may be too late for fraisefatale but I ate at Ken Ching in St-Dorothee last Saturday. Food very good, very generous portions and reasonably priced (try the combos for 2). On Samson near Fouqet. Everyone had left over to take home and everyone loved it. I highly recommend it.