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Aug 5, 2013 05:02 AM

Hong Kong - HELP


Will be staying in Hong Kong for a week in early September. We dont have much experience of the food and I'm allergic to dairy products.

looking for recommedations of places to go for really simple, tasty and well priced food.

Also looking for a couple of places that are a bit more special.

Can anyone help? IS the dairy thing going to be a massive probelm to get across to restuarants?

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  1. Hi Dottt88 and welcome to Chowhound!

    Where are you staying in Hongkong? What does "well priced" mean to you? Where are you coming from? Trying to avoid dairy products should not pose that much of a problem.

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    1. I don't think it's a problem: dairy products are pretty rare in Cantonese cooking. But probably a good idea to get someone to write down a note that you have an allergy towards dairy products in Chinese, so you can show that to your server, just to be doubly-safe.

      Simple, tasty meals are a dime a dozen in HK - any particular preferences in terms of cuisine, dishes? It'll help us narrow down on recs for you.

      1. You can use this written note then, which says: "Sorry to trouble you, I am allergic to all dairy and milk products. I cannot drink milk nor eat any products with milk. Thanks for your cooperation."

        麻煩你, 本人對 所有的乳製品,奶產品有過敏的. 本人不能喝牛奶,不能吃乳製品. 謝謝您合作.

        About the only place with milk/milk products will be found at a Cantonese Bakery.

        1. Could you tell us where y'all will be staying in hk? Hong Kong island? Kowloon?

          I could give you a few recommendations if you would tell me/us what else you cannot eat.

          Also would be helpful if you have a specific ethnicity in mind.

          1. Hello all, thanks do much for coming back.

            Me and the husband are travelling from the UK and staying on Hong Kong Island in the Harbour Grand

            Were quite open to most cuisnines just tend to abiod french etc as they can be quite dairy based. Newbies to the various chinese cusinines but definelty want to experience them!

            Does this help at all??

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              1. re: Dottt88

                Ok.. Good to know where y'all will be staying and you're not too far away from great restaurants!

                Besides my recommendations, perhaps you should visit as well. It's kinda like yelp but its for restaurants all over Hong Kong.

                Being in Hong Kong y'all definitely should try as many Cantonese cuisine as possible. Hong Kong is one extreme tourist trap but the locals have to eat too so rather than just visiting places where the tour guides tell you to y'all should also check out some of the local joints. Afraid of me no speak english? Most places nowadays have multiple languages on the menu so y'all should have no problem ordering.

                1. Beef noodle soup
                Tai Lee and Sister Wah. Think of Geno's and Pat's in Philly these two places are literally right next to each other. They serve the Beef Brisket noodle soup with the clear broth along with other noodle dishes. Sister Wah used to work at Tai Lee and she opened her own right next door!

                13 electric rd, tin hau district in causeway bay. Just take the MTR and stop at Tin Hau.

                2. Wing Kee Noodle. Serves wonton noodle soup. Sugar street in causeway bay.

                3. Cafè de Coral (!!!) a chain restaurant all over Hong Kong. May not be the best but this place has it all for what the locals would eat every day. Try the Baked Pork Chop Rice.

                4. Danish Bakery. Ain't no Danish about it.... It's just for the name. Traditional Hong Kong style pastries and breads. Try the egg tart, hot dog roll (kinda like the hot dog pretzel roll at auntie Anne's). A bit of "western" flair... 106 Leighton Rd.

                5. Luk Yu Tea House. Finally a tourist trap but its a decent one. It's on the other side of town but they serve dim sum and other Cantonese entrees. Because its a tourist trap they accept credit cards! 24 Stanley Street, Central District

                I've got a few more but it's on the Kowloon side. Oh before I forget please expect rude service. That's the spirit and beauty of dining in Hong Kong. Also be prepared to be bustlin' with some mainland folks...

                1. re: sierrarot328i

                  Luk Yu is a classic - hard to draw a line between tourist trap or not, but it offers classic, traditional dim sum which other newer, flashier dim sum spots *don't* serve anymore.