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Aug 4, 2013 09:08 PM

Lassi recipes?

Personally, I dislike anything that even remotely resembles buttermilk. But DH (who is from India) and his BFF (from Pakistan) have been craving lassi - to the point where they spent three unproductive hours today experimenting with recipes. They concluded that the lassi at the local Indian restaurants are better....and that's not saying much. And BFF's wife and I are both nice more-or-less Jewish girls from we're not much help either (nor are DH's sisters, who all shun dairy). Sooooo.....I told him I would try the Hounds as a last resort - any of you have a good lassi recipe you will share? (Preferably one that is adaptable to various different fruits....)

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  1. This is very close to the one I make from Julie Sahni's book:

    1. Do you know why your DHs prefer the restaurant lassi? At its base, lassi is simply yogurt and milk blended until frothy and mixed with sugar or other flavorings. Depending on what texture/sweetness your DHs are going for, it should be relatively simple to adjust any base recipe.

      For my part, I prefer a thinner lassi using 2 parts milk to 1 part yogurt. If you like it creamier, use more yogurt, preferably strained. If you want to add fruit, you should puree that first before blending in the milk and yogurt. Sweeten to taste. Cardamom, kewra and rosewater can be nice additions to fruit or plain lassi. Rooh-Afza, the rose cordial popular in Pakistan, is also a terrific flavor and my personal favorite lassi.

      1. Mr. P. is from south India, and he loves lassi in the summer. I started using Greek yogurt, and I find I like it better than regular yogurt. As a counterpoint to some of the sweet fruitiness, I've taken to adding a bit--just a bit--of toasted cumin seeds. I like the smokiness they add.