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Aug 4, 2013 08:00 PM

Late Dinner post Alcatraz Tour [San Francisco]

Taking the night tour of Alcatraz. Probably won't get back to pier 33 till 9:30 PM. Would like to be eating dinner by 10:00PM. Assuming we'll be able to get a cab, what do you folks suggest for a seafood in the area.
Scoma has been mentioned, but would rather head back towards Convention Center area for food. Opentable lists Belden and Wayfare as possibilities. Don't want anything too fancy after Alcatraz. (and no prison food either).

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  1. Try Butterfly. It's very close to the pier where the Alcatraz torus return. Not strictly seafood but I've had many lovely meals there. I'm not sure how lat they serve though.

    1. Scoma's is great and you won't need to cab. It's open until 11:30 on weekends but you can surely squeeze in and get a seating by 10pm on weeknights if you book ahead. You'll need reservations, and a request for a bayview window seat is recommended. The grilled fish is excellent and the ambiance is unmatched. It's casual mid century dockside dining that's uniquely San Francisco and would make for a well complimented nightcap to the Alcatraz tour.

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      1. I would say Cotogna. It's roughly on your flight path (short cab rides), serves to 11pm, and is "upscale-casual". You'll see lots of positive mentions on this board. As a minus, it's comparable to the better fresh northern italian you get plenty of in NYC.

        Wayfare is a good choice. It's SF style. Belden - skip it.

        Nopa is a great SF style place, open at the right time, but slightly out of the way.

        Scoma's is on the general list of "places you'd go on fisherman's wharf is you had a gun to your head" - but order a Steam and the Grilled Fish, just ask what's wild line caught local. Don't get fancy.

        1. I haven't been there in a long time but McCormick and Kuletos has always been good to me for seafood. Not sure when they close though.