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Aug 4, 2013 07:54 PM

Dinner in Venice this week - something great has gotta be open!!

Using Chow and other resources for upcoming trip to Venice, Tuscany, Rome and just got back 2 automatic responses from Zucca and Antiche Carampane that basically said "See you in September".

Any suggestions for excellent places - focus on food, not touristy - open next week (6,7,8 Aug) in Venice?!? Family of 4, older kids, good/experienced diners. Maybe something more special for last night.

Yes - definitely a late start on this... Very impressed by other Chowheads with detailed itineraries weeks ahead of time! Note to self - change job description...

Molte grazie!

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  1. Below is an earlier thread on August in Venice:
    Also check out Alla Frasca for very good seafood; more on the inexpensive side, Al Portego and Alle Botteghe. There are some good pizza in Venice: All'Anfora is one of the best; also good are Al Nono Risorto and Casa Mia. All have good antipasti. Terrazza Casin dei Nobili is popular with a wonderful location on the Zattere. All should be open August or at least much of the month.