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Aug 4, 2013 07:47 PM

Help! No send or post button


I am a new member to Chowhound and have been corresponding with Sturmi in Vienna. I wrote a long post to him tonite but it does not show up on the postings or in my profile. There was a reply button on the page but no send or "post" button like is here. What's up? Did I do something wrong? I hate to have to rewrite it. The post was under Europe/Vienna/ Zwolf Apostellen Keller.

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  1. Is the reply you're looking for, or was is a different post missing?

    It's normal that only a "Reply" button appears when you're responding to a pre-existing post on Chowhound. It looks like you've been able to reply in this way successfully several times so far; did the missing post behave differently when you hit the "Reply" button?

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    1. re: Engineering

      Thank you for replying. What happened was that I composed a reply and hit the reply button and the reply did not get posted. I subsequently sent another one today and it was posted and answered, so I may have done something wrong the first time or there was a blip.anyway, all is well.

    2. Toronto59, I'm new too and that exact same thing was happening to me the last day or two. Even the fact that I had been making successful posts but suddenly they weren't being saved.
      Turns out (red-face) I had forgotten to LOG IN.
      The only thing that belies that is the fact that you just posted above.

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      1. re: JulianEmery

        The system is meant to redirect you to the log in page when that happens- was that not the case?