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Aug 4, 2013 07:19 PM

Bottling cocktails

I was reading Chilled Magazine's latest issue and one of the drink recipes gave a brief recipe for a bottled carbonated cocktail. My two main questions are

1. Has anyone done this?
2. Does anyone know where to get clear, glass bottles that has a pry off cap?

I want to find a soda style bottle like you see with all the old fashioned sodas to make this cocktail seem more like a refreshing soda. I can only find amber beer bottles.

So if anyone can help out with any experience of bottling cocktails, soda or beer and if they could point me in the direction of clear, glass bottles with pry off caps that would be great.

To help with the look of the bottle, I was looking for something like this

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  1. You local brewing supply store should have everything you need, including different bottles and caps.

    I used to brew beer. Now I brew all kinds of natural sodas with natural carbonation from fermentation. I don't individually bottle them anymore. I only make small batches and use wine bottles. My sodas and teas have small amounts of alcohol from fermenting, but not as much as beer.

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    1. re: sedimental

      I'd be grateful if you'd share a few recipes. I've been wanting to try this but I've found the starter syrups at the homebrew stores to be horrible. Some good natural recipes with the right amount of sugar might be just the thing to kick me into action.

      Also, how do you avoid the yeast taste that comes from in-bottle carbonation? Does bread yeast taste less yeasty than the beer stuff?

      Thanks in advance for any tips you'd be willing to share.

      1. re: nokitchen

        My local home brew store will "copy" most popular "beers." I like IPAs, so I used to buy combos for IPAs.

    2. can't help you with the logistic problems, but as a little market research:
      the reason i would never buy them is because most of the time some sort of citrus is involved and the flavor of citrus turns to crap when it is exposed to the high temperatures required for bottling or pasteurization.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Yeah I wouldn't plan to sell them. Just more for parties and what not. Instead of constantly making drinks, I could just pull out a bottle. Its something new and different. A lot of bars are doing it too.

      2. There is a little thread on ginger beer going over here:

        I am only making sodas (slightly hard) but I use the sodas for cocktail...for sure!

        You can use champagne yeast and lots of sugar for hard sodas and hard lemonade.

        I just use a ginger bug for almost all mine now because I find they are easy to keep going, easy to use and give a nice carbonation and flavor.

        I have had the same ginger bugs all year. I just pull them out of the fridge every week or two and feed them some ginger, water and sugar, stir, and leave out on the counter for a few days....they start bubbling up a storm and can be used to make anything carbonated.

        I like to use a mix of fruit juices, herbs and water for sodas. I like raspberry, mint, lime....blackberry lemonade, strawberry basil....add some vodka..... and your in business :)

        1. I've done this. I came from a brewing background. I used to force carbonate using CO2 systems. Nowadays you can get many such systems. You may want to start a thread about this on the Spirits Board where cocktails are discussed. I only came across this post by accident.

          1. I have not bottled cocktails but I have bottled beer. I have not seen clear beer bottles for sale, light is bad for beer. You can re-use bottles, I did for my beer. Beer that comes in clear bottles: Corona, Pacifico, Miller.

            The bottles in your attachment look like soda bottles, buy some 4-packs of soda bottled in bottles you like.