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Aug 4, 2013 06:46 PM

Jersey City for my birthday?

I don't see much here about Jersey City restaurants. Have been to Lighthorse Tavern twice and liked it. Anyone have any other suggestions?--Thirty Acres? Marco and Pepe? We'll eat anything, but will have (lactose intolerant, kosher) mother in law with us. She'll order fish in any case, but it can't be a place that is too outside the box!!

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  1. Go to Satis, we have been several times the last being in June and it was very good. Same neighborhood as The Lighthorse.

    1. Try Thirty Acres. They have a great young chef and a stellar review from the NY Times. My three recent meals there were all stellar. BYOB.

      1. We love Porto Leggero for Italian.