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Aug 4, 2013 04:52 PM

First visit to Savannah

Hey fellow hounds,

In a few weeks I'll be visiting Savannah (and Charleston but will save that for another thread!) and as you may have guessed, I'm looking for some suggestions. We'll be there for 3 days and I've scoured the boards and have seen several restaurants mentioned over and over again. The gf and I are adventurous eaters and LOVE seafood (how are the oysters in the summer months?). Budget is not an issue although I don't want to pay through the nose unless it's worth it.

So far the restaurant list includes the following confirmed spots (although can be changed according to feedback I get here!):

Dinners at Alligator Soul and Olde Pink House (have room for one more dinner)

Lunch at Soho South and possibly at Sundae Cafe should we make it to Tybee (if worth it)

Other possibilities include: Crystal beer parlor, local 11 ten, Vic's on the river, and Narobies grits and gravy. I've decided to forgo Elizabeth on 37th after reading mixed reviews....still on the fence about it though. Thought about adding Wilkes dining room to the mix, but don't really feel like waiting in line.

Obviously the list is a touch long considering how long we'll be there, but this is why I need you're help!!!

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  1. I recommend Garibaldi's Cafe for one of your dinners. Try the shrimp risotto cake app and the crispy flounder.

    1. My favorite place for seafood in Savannah is the Cotton Exchange Tavern. Those have the best scallops I've had anywhere. That said, we were in town last month and really enjoyed the burgers at B & D on Broughton, and the tutti-frutti ice cream at Leopold's (opened in 1918) is a must.

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      1. re: MarieLetsEat

        Heard good things about the Cotton Exchange. Will definitely hit Leopold's for some dessert!

      2. You've got a great list. Not sure what else you are looking for?

        Crystal Beer Parlor is fun with good food, I would go back.

        I've heard Local 11 Ten is fantastic, but haven't been yet. Two different friends with excellent taste raved about it, so there's that.

        The NOLA place on the riverfront is decent and has an outdoor patio if you want that.

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        1. re: flygirl

          Yeah, I've heard good things about Crystal as well. Happy hour any good? Been debating Local 11 as well....still have room for another dinner. Thanks for the feedback!