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Aug 4, 2013 04:16 PM

Where can I eat an authentic Portuguese Francesinha?

I would love to try this dish out!

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  1. It's a northern Portuguese dish, most of the Portuguese ex-pats in Montreal are from the south as well as the Azores and Madeira.

    If you find one, please let us know.

    1. Looking it up, it looks like the love child of a croque-monsieur and a "hot chicken", and is reminiscent of poutine. (I read the French version first, haven't tackled the Portuguese yet;) Like poutine, a fairly recent (postwar) invention.

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      1. re: lagatta

        Thanks for the info, what a great comparison!

      2. I tried one this spring in Porto as I was told it was a local specialty.

        As I do not care for poutine, nor desire a triple heart by pass operation, I did not enjoy it.

        Like laggata posted, a croquet-monsieur with ham, sausage, steak under a thick tomatoe gravy topped off with cheese & fries.

        I took a pic of the menu because I thought the translation was funny

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          Chicken grilling on the grill, loose roast baker, veal studying at Butler?

          True, I'd be gata in Portuguese, but "a gata", or agata if you wish... (a gata = la gatta in Italian, la gata in Spanish). And there is a good reason I'm not "la chatte", as it has acquired the same double meaning as "pussy" in English).

          I have friends in Porto, but I suspect they would suggest some other speciality...

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            I also tried a Francesinha in Porto, althought it was a gussied-up version at an upscale hotel restaurant. I liked it.
            I thought of the Francesinha as a sauce-covered, Porto-style take on the Croque Monsieur. For photos, check out , although the version I ordered was plated more beautifully than any of the photos I'm seeing online.

            Apart from tripe and Port, the Francesinha seemed to be the main gastronomic specialty associated with Porto.

        2. Want to bump this thread in case anyone has dug one up. They pop up here and there in NYC or Newark, NJ, every once in a while, but they're very hard to come by. Delicious every couple of years or so.

          The poutine comparison is apt; in fact, at one of the places in Oporto I had one in which the sandwich was surrounded by fries, and the whole thing doused in gravy and covered in cheese. Outstanding.

          1. On October 18, Bifana Express (4808 Saint Urbain) posted a picture of a Francesinha as their daily special.

            My suggestion would be to go and ask them when they're going to make it again.

            [Edit: And on further digging, it appears as if they serve them every Friday, but I might be mistaken. And no guarantees on its authenticity, either]