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Fresh Clams?

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  • C70 Aug 4, 2013 04:08 PM
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what is the best bet for a decent assortment of clams and other seafood in the city? I checked older threads and they're pretty outdated. Might there be anything in the St Laurent or West island area?

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  1. La reine du Mer is a good choice and this time of year they might have some Razor Shell Clams from Lac St Jean as well.

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      thanks, ff

    2. La Mer would be the best, however you may have to trek it there. I've always been more than happy with their selection of clams and oysters.

      1. Kim Phat

        1. G&D in the Swatow building, chinatown (I mentioned this on another MTL clam thread - I'm nothing but old news...)