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Aug 4, 2013 02:30 PM

How do you keep up with cooking blogs?

I was updating my feedpy and I was blown away by how many new and rising blogs there are. Its more than just the pioneer woman and smitten kitchen these days, I suppose. How do you keep up with it all, how do you find new blogs?

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  1. If you use google plus, it will "feed" things and people you tell it to, and suggest things you might like.

    This might only work if they have a google page.

    Tumblr or stumbleupon might be better for food blogs.

      1. I find new ones on Pinterest or Food Gawker. The ones I really like, I will "like" them on Facebook to keep track of them, since most of them will post on Facebook when they have a new post. I also follow a few of them on Pinterest since some will "pin" their new recipes the day they post them.

        1. Another tool I find useful, and not just for blogs is ChefTap, an Android application that actually reads a blog or other web page and extracts the recipe part and saves it to an online recipe book. It uses artificial intelligence to determine which parts are the recipe and which aren't.

          It works perfectly with 90% of web pages, although some (looking at you give it some trouble. I was amazed when I started using it. The only fault I can see is that my phone is an Android and my tablet is an iPad, and there's no version for the latter. Using recipes off my phone is kind of annoying.