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Best foie gras dishes in NYC

I have been on a foie gras binge recently. I had the foie gras brûlée at Jean Georges which blew me away. What restaurants serve your favorite foie gras?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Momofuku Ko is on my bucket list, and I've heard plenty about that particular dish... I look forward to trying it!

      I have recently tried foie gras at per se's salon, emp's bar, jean georges (which I mentioned above... It was incredible)

      I hear Le Bernardin's tuna and foie dish is spectacular...

      I had annisa's foie gras soup dumpling.. Incredible.

      Probably should have mentioned all this in the original post.. Oh well :)

    2. This is Outerborough, but I think that, with the possible exception of Ko's fabulous shaved foie with Riesling gelee, the best foie dish now avaialble in New York City is the torchon with spiced strawberry gelee at The Elm in Brooklyn.

      The current foie dish at Alder -- on Ritz crackers! -- is also pretty great.

      1. As Sneakeater mentioned, Elm and Alder have pretty awesome foie gras. Odd Fellows also has good foie gras ice cream, which is not on their regular menu but they will serve you if you request.

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          If I may add some more:

          1. Foie gras with granola by Jean Goerges.
          Foie gras, strawberry granola, aged balsamic and sorrel.
          I also adore JG's foie gras brulee, and this version blew me away as well, although I would say brulee is still my most favorite.

          2. Foie gras stuffed wild Scottish grouse with huckleberry coulis, by Daniel.
          This was a seasonal dish, offered in August - September last year. I am not sure whether they will revive this, but oh boy, wasn't it awesome!!!

          3. Mosaic terrine of foie gras, pheasant, and Provencal black truffle by Daniel.
          This was also a seasonal menu last December. Looking forward to having it back this year!

          4. Foie gras brulee with summer berries and beets, by Eleven Madison Park.
          Fairly new creation by EMP. So light, yet so flavorful!

          1. re: kosmose7

            I remember a roast chicken with foie gras I had at Daniel which was sensational.

            1. re: bronwen

              I haven't tried Daniel's chicken with foie gras yet, but that sounds amazing too!

            2. re: kosmose7

              Those foie gras dishes sound amazing. I need to get to Daniel, it's been ages since I was there. Jean Georges has delicious foie gras. Cercle Rouge although not a fancy restaurant has terrific foie gras ( seared) , the best I've had there was made with watermelon. They change the foie gras combination every day.
              Paradou has an interesting foie gras tasting of 5 different foie gras preps but none are seared.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                >Cercle Rouge although not a fancy restaurant has terrific foie gras ( seared) ,
                >the best I've had there was made with watermelon.
                >They change the foie gras combination every day.

                Oh wow! I should try their foie gras.
                Thanks for your info., foodwhisperer!

                1. re: kosmose7

                  Definitely try it, but make sure you ask for the seared version as they have tourchon also. They usually only serve the seared at dinner time, but if you ask nicely they will make it for lunch. By the way they have good salmon burgers too.

              2. re: kosmose7

                I didn't like the foie with granola at Jean Georges. The dish it was served on had sloped sides which meant that granola kept sliding down the sides and onto the table. It was also very very salty. I'm a fan of the brulee also.

                1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

                  Too bad that your foie gras granola wasn't that good. I tried JG's foie gras granola three times and it was always delicious and not salty at all. May be it was a bad day and I am sorry to hear that.

            3. Seems like I have always had great results with EMP's preparation over the years so for me that's my "go to" answer but I recently had a foie gras creme brulee at County on 20th that was quite tasty and very nicely done.

              1. Jungsik had an amazing foie starter surprisingly!

                1. Ma Peche has one of my all-time favorite cold foie gras preparations at dinner. Also love the shaved frozen foie gras at Momofuku Ko. Bouley's hot foie gras prep is always wonderful.

                  1. +1 for Jungsik's version. I remember how unusually sweet it was but delicious.
                    NoMad's $76 chicken with foie and truffles, not too shabby either

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                    1. re: Ziggy41

                      Wow - I was just wondering why NoMad's chicken hadn't yet made the list. That was a wonderful preparation/integration of foie.

                      Also, some of the classic seared versions (eg La Grenouille) are fantastic.

                      1. re: Ziggy41

                        I went to NoMad tonight and had the Foie Gras torchon W/ strawberry, rhubarb & black pepper. Really really friggin' fantastic!

                        I also had the chicken with foie and truffles. Super fantastic as well! One of the best chicken dishes I've had in NYC.

                      2. I'll second the shaved frozen foie gras with Riesling gelee at Momofuku Ko, it's amazing how it melts into perfect creaminess right when it hits your tongue.

                        The cold preparation on EMP's tasting menu was certainly the best torchon I've had. As for hot preparation, I'm a huge believer in the seared foie gras & scallop main at Tocqueville, and the foie gras soup dumplings at Annisa.

                        1. All the above are good calls, plus the NoMad chicken sandwich with foie - a brunch-only "scaled down" version of their dinner chicken.

                          Aquavit has had an app of gravlax with shaved, frozen foie for a little while, that was amazing. Two things you wouldn't expect to work together, cured fish & foie, that turns out harmonize beautifully. They recently added a second foie app (which I haven't tried yet) with seared foie, peaches grilled over pine, and radicchio. I'll probably be in to try it soon.

                          I had a pasta recently at Lincoln that was great - black pepper pappardelle with duck confit and shaved foie. Very rich, decadent stuff.

                          I'm not the biggest fan of Annisa overall, but their foie gras soup dumplings are pretty darn good.

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                            I tried the seared foie at Aquavit two weeks ago.... Simply amazing!
                            Better then the gravlax with shaved foie (for the foie lovers), but less intriguing and more straightforward.
                            I went to Aquavit three times in the past 4 months and every time it got better and better..