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Aug 4, 2013 11:45 AM

Trader Joe's, SF -- Is Caille Millner right?

Hope it's okay to post this here. In yesterday's Chronicle a columnist complained that stock is low and and "there's always a fight for what you want." And apparently stuff isn't restocked until Monday? I was planning on going to the South of Market store this evening (Sunday). Bad idea? Or was she using poetic license?

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  1. "That stuff is great, and it was a Saturday afternoon, which means that they may not have restocked it before Monday."

    A poorly written sentence.

    1. Sunday night is the busiest time at TJs, especially that store. Have you been to the Nob Hill branch, in the old Cala? It's a good alternative if you're nearby.

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      1. At the Trader Joe's in the South bay, the stores always get a big shipment on Thursdays, and often, some things I want are sold out by Sunday evening. When I ask the staff when a certain item might get restocked, the answer is often "come back on Thursday." This was especially the case for the old Sunnyvale store before it expanded/moved, because it was smaller and didn't have as much room. In general, I try to avoid going to TJ's Monday-Wednesday.

        1. hmmm, I seldom encounter a low stock problem at the Fisherman's Wharf branch.

          1. FWIW: Wednesday is restocking day in Menlo Park...