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Aug 4, 2013 10:29 AM

ensaimada - Mallorca

I'm craving the Spanish/Mallorcan style of ensaimada, rather than the Filipino one. It's a pastry from Mallorca in the Med, made with lard. Has anyone run across such a pastry anywhere in SoCal? I'm located in Eagle Rock, but will drive anywhere. Thanks, all!!

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  1. In the past either La Tienda or La Española Meats (can't remember which) has imported ensaimadas in around Christmas time. They have a limited stock so you have to get your order in quickly. I think they only had (plain) ensaimadas and not any of the more elaborate varieties.

    Now if only I could get a sobrasada that equals what they have on the island.
    (Mallorquin by birth so I'm kind of picky about that.)

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      Thank you! I'd be interested in sobrasada as well. N'duja is the most similar item I've found so far.

      1. re: FoodZealot

        La Española has sobrasada and it's decent given that it's made in the US.

        It's not in the same league as the stuff in Mallorca (really nothing is, even the stuff in Barcelona is off the mark) but it helps hit the spot when the cravings strike.

    2. Sneaking it back in the carry-on luggage from visiting relatives in Madrid 2-3 times a year. That's my solution to the issue.

      And yes, due to the city being the seat of power in Spain, the ensaimadas in Madrid are basically as good as its Balearic cousins.