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Aug 4, 2013 10:28 AM

Did I just have a bad bone marrow experience?

Had never tried it before, wanted to. Ordered it at a very nice restaurant - Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Since I had never had it, I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't know whether to question or complain. I left most of it.

The problem was, I was expecting a much different texture - I had read that it was buttery, fatty...sounded perfect, since I love most fatty things.

The top was fine, but once I dug down it was a disgusting, gelatinous, BLOODY glop. Is it supposed to be that way or was it seriously undercooked, and I should have sent it back to be cooked more?

Maybe the problem was that it was described as "Demi-Roasted", half roasted, half...raw?

As I said, I ate off the top (which was cooked and delicious), but left the bloody glop behind.

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  1. In my experiences it has had a gelatinous texture, but never a bloody mess. I back off from blood pudding and blood sausage.

    1. Sounds like it was not fully cooked. While I eat my beef mooing, I find bone marrow should be fully cooked. I tend to use marrow bones in making soup, so they are fully cooked when I eat the marrow. I have occasionally roasted the bones after making the soup for a special flavor, but can't imagine eating raw/rare marrow.

      Then again, I'm not a fan of Ramsay's cooking, period.

      1. It is gloppy, but not bloody.

        < was it seriously undercooked>

        It isn't even about undercooking. Many raw bone marrows are not all that much blood to begin with. I suppose that you got lucky and got a bloody one.

        1. They vary a lot. One of my favorites is done well, sliced thin and served in a consume. In bone, you sound like you had more blood than I've ever seen. Though no idea how that works with the animal.

          1. I am curious as to how it was prepared. Was it a long bone cut lengthwise? Or was it a short bone cut cross-wise?

            I have never ordered bone marrow in a restaurant, but have eaten it at home occasionally, usually if I am making beef stock.

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              <usually if I am making beef stock>

              Same here. I have seen pinkish bone marrow, but not red.