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Aug 4, 2013 10:20 AM

Maple Sugar

A friend gave me some maple sugar ~ a by-product from his maple syrup making. I think it's from the crystals that form in the process and then he pulverized it. It's vacuum sealed tight, so I'm not sure exactly the texture, but I think it's ultra fine, almost like powdered sugar. It's only about 12 ounces, but I'm wondering if it would lend something special to... something special ??? I don't want to waste it (or other ingredients) on an "experiment". I was thinking maybe in beer making??? Or maybe just sticking it in a jar with a sliced vanilla bean to make Chantilly cream during the holidays. Does anyone have experience with it or any other ideas?

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  1. I bought maple sugar pecans from a local shop and they were incredible!!!

    If you like roasted nuts, I would totally give that a shot.

    Warning: Highly addictive. The crack cocaine of nuts.

    1. You can sub it for brown sugar in most recipes. It is excellent as the sugar in topping for fruit crisps, especially those with apple or pear. Use it in baked apples.

      According to The Maple Syrup Cookbook, maple sugar granules are larger than those of refined sugars, which can cause cakes to crack. It advises whirring maple sugar in a food processor before baking cakes with it. It sounds like yours may already be fine enough, but keep it in mind.

      Maple sugar is also a good inclusion in rubs for salmon, poultry, or pork, and in salad dressings using apple cider vinegar.

      Here are some recipe titles from that cookbook. They involve syrup and/or brown sugar, which can be subbed with maple sugar. If you want the details of any of them, sing out:
      Maple walnut oat muffins
      Maple bran muffins
      Maple cream scones
      Spiced maple pears
      Maple bread pudding
      Winter squash spoonbread
      Sweet potato and bacon bisque
      Maple-glazed chicken wings
      Orange-maple wings
      Lemon basil salad dressing
      Beet and pear relish
      Maple glaze
      Maple-vinegar roaasted pork tenderloins
      Ham steak in rum raisin sauce
      Rich maple short crust (for bar cookies/cheesecake)
      Coffee chip cookies
      Upside-down skillet pear tart
      Buttermilk maple spice cake
      Tawny maple cheesecake
      Maple mocha pudding

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        Lemon basil salad dressing sounds good!
        Recipe please :)

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          I will start a "cooking with maple" thread on Home Cooking and put it there. Note that the book's recipes are for syrup so you would have to adjust if using maple sugar. The general rule is a half cup of maple sugar = a cup of maple syrup but since syrups vary in intensity, err on the low side. Taste and adjust as necessary.

      2. I sprinkle it on a side of salmon before it goes in the smoker.

        1. I used to eat that straight up and crumbled on my oatmeal., kinda grainy but very flavorful. Beer could be interesting.

          1. You can sprinkle it over some yogurt.