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Aug 4, 2013 05:56 AM

What to do about perpetual posters who Eat/Once-& Bash/Post?


Hi- I'm coming from ( mostly) the greater Boston area board. Whew! A handful of prolific posters have a " habit" of visiting a place once and then posting a " bash" review. " I will never return" is a common quote. What do you suggest/ do on your own local boards. The frustration is palatable with quite a few of the other regular posters
Full disclosure; I have many friends in the industry, although I am not in the same business. We also dine out frequently. I am NOT a frequent poster( but daily reader) in fact, up intil yesterday, I hadn't posted since 2010.
Thank you

  1. Just like there are many people who enjoy reading someone ELSE getting trashed in print or on the Internet, there are also people who want to be the first to trash someone ELSE on the Internet. For a restaurant, I believe one needs to try it at least three times before making a serious conclusion. But then, like fans of pro wrestling, there are always those to want to do the bashing. I really understand what you are saying, Kewpie.
    (By the way, I really HATE Kewpie mayonnaise! But then, I hate all kinds of mayonnaise.)
    Thanks for pointing this out. I will be interested to read what other people think.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      Thanks- im so very interested in the responses as well.
      - it's in reference to the kewpie doll, !

    2. if an experience is REALLY terrible, i may not be willing to try someplace again and throw good money after bad. but i also don't run to ch about it.

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      1. I am from the same board. There are a couple of posters whose posts I simply do not read for exactly that reason, one in particular. I would welcome a more positive solution. It is particularly tough when the once and bash poster always starts a new thread so the bash gets extra prominence, even if there is an active thread going about the establishment in question.

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          In those specific cases, if you report the thread and tell the moderators that it's basically a duplicate of an ongoing active thread, I think they will consider locking or removing it.

          In general, though, I don't think it would be right to introduce a rule against posting a review after just one visit (whether positive or negative). For example, people are always complaining about tourists that ask for lots of advice on some regional board and then never report back. If they do report back, which is what we want them to do, all of their reviews will normally be based on single visits.

          1. re: GretchenS

            On IMDB there is an optional feature that a poster can opt to have all posts by a certain poster- deleted/not visible to the offended poster. maybe you could write the mods and ask for such a feature on CH.

            I also find it helpful to validate/ check my response to a poster by clicking on their member page. What is the nature of most of their posts? Does the subject of the posts they initiate (and those they contribute to) prove my prejudice against them, or does it show a different picture?

            sometimes a poster has a moniker that just sets off some people too.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              have never been offended by a ch moniker. have yet to run into a "carlos danger" here. ;)

              also will admit to mostly being too lazy to click on profiles. i never even filled mine out.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Well, you should, you're very interesting.

                1. re: EWSflash

                  yes. and most importantly, your member page shows all your posts.

          2. I'll generally only post on a place if it's good. If I have a one off mediocre experience I don't bother.
            If there's somewhere with a lot of love on the board that I thought was underwhelming I will post. I went to one place twice as I assumed that my first time must have been a one off as it had so many good reviews from people on the board who knew their stuff.
            When I posted they asked what I ordered.Apparantely I'd orderedthe weak stuff from the menu so took their advice and went back ordering the good menu items and now it's one of my favourite places to eat

            1. A review based on a single visit is pretty useless and, quite frankly, when it's negative, bordering on reckless. Most of the time it seems that the posts are from folks who have perceived some service slight* and therefore have to have a horrible experience across the board. Others just like to bloat their self worth by putting other things and people down. Go into a situation expecting the worst and one is often rewarded with exactly that.

              The latter category of bitching is normally borne out of the fact that others have enjoyed the place first. The "superior" 'hound then goes looking for things to complain about thereby establishing his or her "preeminence". The most deluded of the prolific posters actually believe that by issuing their "rebuttal" to the positive reviews, they will shift the general opinion about the place.

              At bottom, it's going to take a lot of couch time in "fifty minute hour" increments to solve such problems - not much most of us can do. My normal response to such presentations basically boils down to: "I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your experience at X. It's difficult to truly judge an establishment in a single visit." The second sentence is designed to reinforce to other readers that the negativity is based upon limited experience and less than sound footing.

              *Not to be too existential about this, but have you ever noticed that bad service issues tend to plague some people way more than others? Could there be such a thing as a bad diner pheromone that some exude that unconsciously suggests to servers not to dote on that patron too much lest it be unappreciated?

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                1. re: MGZ

                  I love what you said about the "bad service issues tend to plague some people more than others?"!!!!!!I think i know what the pheromone is--- it's
                  i see that this neopolitan pizza is served as listed (plain-to them) but there is sausage elsewhere on the menu and there is a raspberry sauce on the dessert menu, so just tell the kitchen I want the yucky plain pizza jazzed up with the yummy t sausage and delish raspberry sauce.
                  Then they proceed to bash the place!...

                  1. re: MGZ

                    I have a friend who does seem to have bad restaurant luck. If anyone's dish is going to have errors (noodles, rather than requested rice, non-truly vegetarian as asked, etc.), it's hers. I guess it's better than the all-around bad luck magnet people I know, but (phtt, phtt, phtt), I'm glad not to be either kind of person.