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Hy's 8/3/13

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I did not know that Hy's was formerly part of a Canadian chain. thanks for the info.

I had the tartar trio, which consisted of three separate tartars: steak, ahi, and salmon. the steak was nice, typical (unlike the wet tartar I had at signature), tasty. the ahi was chopped poke, great taste, good quality tuna. the salmon was mixed with avocado and something crunchy like celery but with a mild flavor. I found out that it was mini diced cucumber from the server. I was pleased with this appetizer.

my pops had the escargot. he ate all six, as me, my mom, sis, and brother in law declined. I've eaten butter garlic cheese escargot before, and it's ok, but I tend to think about slugs and those giant African snails and get grossed out. I know they soak the snails in milk to 'clean them out,' but...they're frickin snails. slimy rubber bands is the texture.

for the entrees, I had Chinese style fish, which was moano, I think. the flavor was excellent, but the fish a little too dry. I was mildly disappointed.

sis and mom had prime rib, which was very flavorful, I had a taste of each. however, as in most places (or rather all places I have tried) the rarest piece of prime rib is actually a medium rare. to get a true rare, the whole side of beef would have to be prepared that way. (anyone know of a place like this besides 'heaven'?)

pops and BIL had steak. VERY tasty, delicious smoky flavor, made the way they ordered it. you can't go wrong with steak at Hy's.

I will take a moment to lament about dad and sis' tendency to put ketchup on high grade beef. *shakes head* there shouldn't be any ketchup on the premises, except maybe for French fries.

pops also ordered king crab legs, which were fine, hard to go wrong with king crab in an upscale place like this. sweet and shell cut for easy eating.

dessert was bananas foster, again can't go wrong, and cheesecake, of which my portion was miniscule! if I weren't so mellow after all that good food, i'd have been more critical, but I think it was $9 and slightly larger the size of an orange wedge. my BIL got a free piece for his BD, and I noted it was small, but figured it was a 'free BD portion.' not so. it was, however, a good cheesecake.

top that off with a nice cup of decaf, and we had a wonderful evening out, with my dog enjoying some meat, fish, and rice we had left over when we got back home.

atmosphere was the usual, it's like furniture from a classic hunting lodge with no eerie taxidermy, something like what I imagine an English gentleman's club to be. (no, not that kind of gentleman's club.) simpler than elegant and sophisticated, but refined, warm, and friendly. still, the wait staff is dressed in tuxedos and the like. comfortable seats. lighting is not so dim as to be annoying, it's just right. there seemed to be more servers than usual, and they were attentive and friendly. my water was refilled at least 6 times without me having to ask, I was delighted. musician who played guitar and sang came on at 6:45p and sang some covers. he wasn't too loud and did not disturb any conversation. we did not have a view of the grill room, a clear box where the chef tosses up the steaks over flames. long pants and aloha shirt/collared shirt recommended, sometimes they let it slide, sometimes you must wear a house spare.

bottom line: Hy's is one of the best restaurants in Hawaii.

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  1. Ketchup on high end steak for me is a must!!! That's why I have steak. I love ketchup-yummo!!! I absolutely could give a damm what a chef thinks of me-I'm the one paying and will eat as I please. Hooray to your dad!

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      and you were the one looking for prime rib in Hawaii, does that require ketchup too?

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        Funny you ask-actually I only use au jus for prime rib. My main use for Ketchup is steak, eggs at breakfast, hot dogs, and spaghetti! I love spaghetti w ketchup!!! Oh I almost forgot french fries but it has to be ketchup mixed w Tabasco. I grew up in Kalihi-whadahyu expect!!!

        1. re: UES Mayor

          I do love ketchup, just not on good beef!!!!

          it's the same as if you put sugar and cream in civet coffee, you waste the taste.

      2. re: UES Mayor

        Wow. For some dishes, even in France, I like ketchup - but have never tried it on steak, and especially fine beef. Just something that I cannot get my taste buds around, but suppose that is me.

        However, I feel that most restaurants should provide, what their patrons request, even if I cannot ascribe to it.