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Aug 4, 2013 12:51 AM

Bangalore, India - Breakfast Options at Citrus, Lemon Tree Hotel, Electronic City, Bangalore

An extract from Hindustan Times' editor and food critic, Vir Sanghvi entitled "Haute South" ( where he talked about the relevance of hotel breakfasts in the choice of hotels which a business travelller makes:

"Not only do nearly all Indian hotels now offer South Indian breakfasts but research by ITC demonstrates that busy executives tend to judge the F&B performance of a hotel by the quality of its dosasand idlis. In Nakul Anand’s perceptive and now famous formulation: guests tend to eat lunch out of the hotel and may entertain (or be entertained) at dinner. But breakfast is the one meal they eat in the hotel. And given that most guests order South Indian breakfasts, they judge the hotel’s F&B on the basis of the dosas and the idlis. (Given Nakul’s obsessive perfectionism, it is not surprising that ITC takes the most trouble over its dosas, even inventing the terrific multi-grain dosas at its Agra property)."

Bearing that in mind, the *best* breakfast I'd had in *any* hotel in India was at Citrus Cafe, Lemon Tree Hotel in Electronic City, Bangalore. The items on their breakfast buffet spread were rotated/changed over the days/weeks and I was never bored by the options. I think the fact that it was a *smaller* hotel made the hotel management more responsive to their guests' needs, as compared to the larger chains which I found were more rigid, with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

Pictures of my breakfast options over the period I was staying at Lemon Tree the last time I was in Bangalore: pillowy-soft idlis of various flavours, akuri eggs, tasty sambhar, crisp dosas, rich chutneys, upuma, vadais, appams. Simply marvellous!

Address details
Lemon Tree Hotel - Electronics City
54B/55A, Hosur Main Road
Electronics City, Phase I
Bengaluru 560100
Tel: +91 80 4423 2323

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  1. For me in Bangalore the best hotel breakfast has always been the Taj (by Vivanta) on MG Road. I've stayed for mulitple weeks and never found myself tired of the daily South Indian, Western or SE Asian options available. The fresh honeycomb, sweet lime juice, tomoato chutney and incredibly addictive hash brown paties are memories I hold closely. Their dosas were good at Taj, but not great IMO and I never did acquire the taste for idly (my loss).

    Worst breakfast is definitely Leela Palace. A shamefully lackluster daily buffet, almost no fresh regional fruit, worse fresh juice selection and the inability of staff to express a guest's desire for masala (spicy) omlettes or dosas. I had never really liked Leela and their breakfast was the final nail in the coffin for me.

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    1. re: vanderb

      There seemed to be something wrong with the Leela Palace Bangalore - it never quite live up to the standards you'd expect of a luxury hotel. I stayed at the Leela Galleria in Mumbai for 4 weeks one time, and the restaurants there were great. I really enjoyed Jamavar there. However, Jamavar at Leela Bangalore was a disappointment:

      1. re: klyeoh

        I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on Leela Palace Bangalore, I have never had a meal there that was either: top notch and I would pay any price for it; or I felt was even close to value for money. I was quite disappointed corporate travel made me stay there on my last visit and will fight harder the next time.

        Mind you the Leela never charged me 800R for a glass of domestic white wine as the ITC Maurya in New Delhi did... I felt quite ashamed (and a little dirty) after that experience.

        1. re: vanderb

          Indian hotels never cease to amaze me with their prices sometimes - can't remember now how much Leela Galleria Mumbai charged me for a burger when I first stayed there, but I nearly had a heart attack.

          At Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a "simple" Japanese meal there: tempura, grilled miso cod, yakimeshi (fried rice) at Wasabi restaurant worked up to US$150, which can buy me a kaiseki meal at the Ginza, Tokyo!

          1. re: klyeoh

            Have you seen the prices for Japanese at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore? The most expensive and smallest meal I've ever had, anywhere in the world. It was good but not the best meal I've ever had, nor the best Japanese for that matter.

            1. re: vanderb

              I was actually dissuaded from ever visiting another Japanese spot in India after my experience at Wasabi @ Taj Mahal Palace Hotel which, after all, was rated by Vir Sanghvi as the *best* Japanese restaurant on the Indian subcontinent. Good Gawd, the dashimaki tamago there tasted worst than those prepared in little neighborhood Japanese eateries back in Singapore!

              Besides, Vir Sanghvi, whose food writings I devour, I also followed the recs by India's popular TV food critic, Kunal Vijaykar, whose "The Foodie" series - I have the whole collection on DVD - showed the best eating spots from Goa to Pondicherry, and from Mysore to Ladakh :-D Their programmes and articles are pitched at the Indian viewer (not foreigners like us) and guarantees authenticity.

              1. re: vanderb

                Second that ..(about ITC)

                If you want decent Japanese food -Harima's is still the best bet ..But donot walk in expect dizzying levels of finesse -But they do better than anyone else

                Once they had grilled smelt that was really good

                And the best food is always found outside these hotel establishments but thats another thread ....

                1. re: green_wyvern

                  "And the best food is always found outside these hotel establishments but thats another thread ...." - Looking forward to your post of your eating experiences.