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Aug 3, 2013 07:10 PM

Sweet Child of Vine

Craft beer lovers know about this IPA from Fulton in Minneapolis. I found it at The New Scenic Cafe on the North Shore last weekend. Very nice surprise. Also, had a Danger Ale from Castle Danger Brewery - excellent, excellent. Hope these small shops can make it long-term. With the growth of craft beer in the state, can these small shops last long-term? Hope so, as both make great tasting products.

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  1. what exactly is being asked/told here? What shops are we talking about the breweries or the cafe's. Are you currently, maggie, under the influence of these beers? Ha.

    1. Ha - back at you! No, just wanted to start (hopefully) a discussion regarding some fine local beers .. and IF they can make it long-term...

      1. Check out Bent Paddle out of Duluth. Newer brewery, just started distributing in cans. Very limited release to MSP, but my hubby described their IPA as the most "balanced" and "smooth" he's had in a long time. We are now hoarding 10 cans in the booze locker.

        I think the MN craft beer scene is pretty overlooked by those on the coasts, but I read somewhere that Bell's sells more 2 hearted in MN than they do locally in MI.

        1. I was wondering, does Castle Danger have a beer called "Carlos?"

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            LOL! That would be a Weiner Bock. :)

            1. re: justalex

              Or a slab of smoked whitefish at Russ Kendall's .. with a Danger Ale.

          2. Was at the Castle Danger Brewery and didn't see anything by the name of Carlos.... It's also not listed on their website. Maybe from Blaine :)