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Aug 3, 2013 07:02 PM

over worked biscotti dough

I tried a new recipe for biscotti and the raw dough was way too sweet!
So in an attempt to correct this I added more flour, egg and milk. I ended up working it too long in the kitchen aid. I want to freeze them and bake them later and and am wondering if i let them rest in the refrigerate for a number of hours would that salvage them?

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  1. I would imagine that they will be OK.
    Form them for the fist baking and allow to rest as long as you can.
    When slicing for the second baking may be go a tad bit thinner and make sure they are baked completely crisp.
    At worst the will have more of "hard crispyness" but will still be great for dunking.

    1. FWIW biscotti can be one of the least worked doughs. I make a little pile of two cups of flour with salt and baking powder. In a bowl I best three eggs with a little over half a cup, maybe 3/4, of sugar, vanilla, grated orange and lemon rind, and a splash of almond extract. I pour the mixture in an indentation in the center of the pile, work it in with a fork, sprinkle slivered almonds, flatten it with a pastry scraper, shape it into two long pieces on a Silpat, and away we go.

      1. thanks. i've put them in the freezer unbaked a will see what happes once i bake them. fingers crossed. slicing them slightly thinner is a good idea!