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Aug 3, 2013 06:20 PM

San Francisco hound seeking feedback and help for PDX itinerary

Hi everyone. Here's what I've got so far. I would love your help with any feedback (would you switch anything out?) and, would especially love help deciding where to eat for lunch before I head out on Saturday afternoon. The coffee shops I chose were the best ones within the vicinity of the restaurant I am going to be at so, feel free to suggest replacements as well.

Espresso: Ristretto
Breakfast: Tasty and Sons

Amusement: (Fun things to do in Portland?)

Lunch: Pok Pok
Espresso: Barista

Amusement: American Barista College

Snack: Salt and Straw

Dinner 7pm: Roe (Booked)

Espresso: Heart Coffee Roasters
Breakfast: Screen Door

Amusement:Farmer's Market in South Block
Espresso:Cafe Velo

Lunch: (St.Jack, Broder, Clyde Common, Nong's, Evoe, Olympic Provisions, Prasad, Hot Pot City, Nicholas, Pambiche, Lardo, Mother's Bistro)?

Espresso: Boyd's (on my way out of the city)

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  1. Friday - fun - depends on what you like - outdoors or shopping

    Lunch coffee - consider Stumptown up the street from Pok-pok on 46th - it is the mothership little store where it all began. Great little, tiny, market next door.

    Roe - (jealous)

    Saturday - you can eat a number of tasty treats at the Farmers Market - Pine State Biscuit has a cart as does Lauretta Jean's - quiches and pies.
    If not there, then Lardo in that area.

    1. After a Saturday breakfast at Screen Door - you may have trouble finding room for lunch.

      I might recommend evoe - more so you can ramble through pastaworks (the adjoining gourmet grocery store which connects to the powells home and garden store).

      also - I don't know if boyds has any shop locations in the city...albina press might be an option to consider near evoe.

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      1. re: MyNextMeal

        Ristretto has a just-opened central SE location.
        Boyd's? Seriously?

        Farmers Mkt Saturday at PSU is a great idea for breakfast!

        Screen Door is good if you like long lines. Or try Spints instead.

        Evoe a great idea.

        Friday Amusement: this is a food board. Mods delete non-food posts. So I won't bother. Check

      2. Saturday, have breakfast at the Farmer's Market - tons of great options. For lunch, I would stay in the neighborhood and hit Lardo or Tasty & Alder or Oven & Shaker. If you wanted to get out of downtown, I would go for Evoe.

        Surely you must be kidding about Boyd's ...

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        1. re: ekc

          Also right by Lardo/Tasty are Ruby Jewel & Blue Star!

          1. re: ekc

            On our trips to Portland (and San Francisco, for that matter), we've made a point of trying pretty near every noted coffee shop in town, and we still haven't made it to Boyd's : -). It sounds like you are into coffee -- if you like coffee gear, be sure to check out Clive's.

            Going to the Ristretto beside Tasty'n'Sons makes sense while you are waiting for a table there. Try a Tonali's doughnut too. We didn't love our brunch at T'n'Sons but are in the minority.

            Pok Pok is not near any of the Barista outlets that I'm aware of (our preferred location of Barista is the one on NE Alberta but that is a schlep). The original Stumptown that DanielLP suggested is closer, or you could check out Coava, one of our favourites, which is at least on the right side of the river.

            Second on eating at the PSU Farmers Market. One, you can get Lauretta Jean's awesome biscuits there, served warm with butter and jam. Two, you won't have to wait in the lineup at Screen Door FOREVER on a Sat am. Also be warned that the Café Velo bicycle-powered cart is the one that goes to the market and AFAIK it only has made to order drip coffee (last I read they were doing pourovers of Sterling on a Hario). There is a Café Velo outlet on Pine close to Burnside that I believe *may have espresso but that is quite a walk from the farmers' market (18 blocks?). Spella is a bit closer and is worth checking out for an espresso and of course there is the Barista at 3rd and Alder. Can't think of any really stellar espresso much nearer the market though...

            Evoe is my favourite place to eat in Portland (possibly my favourite, period) and is particularly suited for lunch as it doesn't stay open late. Well worth heading up Hawthorne for, and the neighbourhood is nice to wander in as well. There is a Powell's Books outlet up there that specializes in, among other things, cookbooks. There is one of three outlets of Fresh Pot there also, which I've heard is decent, though we've yet to try it with all the other options available : -).

            You will surely end up in Washington Park (excellent zoo, railway, children's museum, rose garden, arboretum, Japanese garden, etc) at some point, and there are two other good coffee places relatively nearby it if you go along Burnside: Coffeehouse Northwest and Sterling. NW 23rd and 21st are also teeming with good to great food choices in the Alphabet District.